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Abortionist Manohar Lal
Botched abortions in Ohio
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Dr. Manohar Lal was sued for abortions he botched while working in Ohio. He was also licensed in Texas, where his license was cancelled by the request of the medical board in 2001. There are no current actions listed against him in Ohio.


A suit by Carrie A. alleged that she submitted to an abortion performed by Lal May 11, 1985, at Medical Planning Service. Carrie required subsequent hospitalization to remove 152 grams of retained fetal fragments including a 2.5 cm foot, fragments of skull, vertebral column, rib cage, and intestines. Carrie accrued nearly $6000 in medical and hospital bills. (Summit County Court of Common Pleas Case No. CV 85 11 3599)

Medical Planning Services was Lal's clinic. Carrie wasn't the only patient who sued.

Paula B alleged that staff at Medical Planning Services had poured formaldehyde into or on the autoclave, and that as a result she was exposed to toxic formaldehyde fumes during her abortion by Lal, July 10, 1986. Paula sustained permanent lung damage. (Summit County Court of Common Pleas Case No. CV 88-7 2130)

Lal tried to discourage women from seeking emergency medical care after abortions at his facility. The information sheet provided to patients following abortion advises: "It is extremely unwise to go to an emergency room or urgent care center unless it is a real emergency. Remember, the personnel at these facilities are unfamiliar with your case and could be unsympathetic or inexperienced in treating the ordinary problems which may follow an abortion. You may be hospitalized needlessly and subjected to unnecessary tests and procedures. I have received post abortion instructions and understand them. I have read the above carefully and understand that MEDICAL PLANNING SERVICES, INC., cannot be responsible for my care after the procedure if I fail to contact them." (Medical Planning Services patient form)


Lal also worked at National Abortion Federation member Akron Center for Reproductive Health.

A suit by Melanie B. alleged that she underwent an abortion April 4, 1979, by Lal at Akron Center for Reproductive Health. Melanie was abandoned by Lal during the abortion; he refused to complete the procedure. Lal told Melanie that her condition was not serious when she actually required immediate medical attention due to a perforated uterus and heavy bleeding. She required transport to a hospital to complete the abortion and repair damage. Melanie also said that Lal and the clinic failed to adequately inform her of the risks. (Summit County Court of Common Pleas Case No. CV 80 2 0566)

Akron Center for Reproductive Health was also sued by Nancy S., who alleged that she passed a macerated fetus after a 1981 abortion by Max Gaujean. Dorothy B. sued, alleging injury in an abortion performed by Dr. Golshalic in 1978. Akron Center for Reproductive Health is also the facility where Robin Wells underwent her fatal abortion at the hands of Gaujean.


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