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Tissue Profiteering Not Limited to Fetuses

For the full story, read The Body Brokers

It should come as no surprise, in the wake of the fetal tissue sales scandals, to learn that similar abuses have developed in the use of tissue from people who were recognized as legally born prior to their deaths.

Families who donate the bodies of their loved ones, intending to give the gift of life to others, may actually be donating up to $220,000 to for-profit biotech companies who scavenge from human bodies with all the ingenuity of Eskimos processing a dead whale. The Eskimos, however, are faced with scarce resources and use the whales for survival. The biotech companies produce tissue used for anything from medically indicated surgery to procedures to plump up model's lips and enlarge men's penises. Follow the path of a donated body and the cash flow at this sidebar illustration.

How does one body total up to nearly a quarter of a million dollars? Check it out in the sidebar illustration.

The Orange County Register did an excellent job on this piece, and I recommend that you explore it thoroughly.

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