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Your Bedroom, the Government, and Abortion Laws
Does abortion have diddly-squat to do with bedroom intrustion?
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Defenders of legal abortion often quip that keeping abortion legal is part of an overall philosophy of "keeping the government out of our bedrooms."

The government does indeed come into our bedrooms at times--when necessary to protect people. This has never harmed innocent citizens. In fact, there are times we very much want the goverment going into bedrooms.

If I were about to be raped in my bedroom, I would want the government to interfere. I'd want cops there arresting the rapist. I'd want crime scene investigators there collecting evidence. In fact, I'd be outraged if the government drew a line at my bedroom and refused to step in.

Much incest takes place in bedrooms. The government--quite rightly--works hard to stop this. The police go into those bedrooms, collect evidence, and put the perpetrators in jail. Nobody objects.

The bedroom is not exempt from laws. If you rape your daughter, beat your wife, or bag drugs for sale in your bedroom, the government can and will interfere. This is as it should be. Otherwise, all criminals would have to do is commit crimes in bedrooms to be immune from prosecution.

This government access to our bedrooms has not resulted in the police monitoring our sleep patterns or lovemaking. And abortion advocates are insulting all of us to suggest otherwise. They should stick to the subject. Abortion is not about two people making love--it is about two people killing a baby. And the abortion doesn't take place in a bedroom, it takes place in a public accomodation -- a doctor's office, clinic, or hospital. Bedrooms have absolutely nothing to do with it.

We should not let pro-abortion fanatics throw up smoke screens to hide the issue. We need to look at what abortion is, and what it does, and ask if this is something a civilized society permits.

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