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Abortion Advocates Get More Than Bargained For

Historic vote brings unintended consequences
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On April 9, 1970, the New York State Assembly voted to allow abortion on demand for the first 24 weeks of pregnancy. For information on the behind-the-scenes wrangling that wrought this unprecedented move, see:

Thirteeth Anniversary of Legalized Abortion in New York State.

Fans of unfettered abortion consider this cause to celebrate, and tend to focus on having gotten what they wanted. But they ignore the carnage they brought on in women's lives.

I think it would do us well to pause and consider if celebration is the appropriate response to this anniversary and the havoc it wrought. Let's look at the fallout that is ignored by abortion advocates.

The freedom New York granted abortionists brought in carpetbaggers from all over the United States. Many of these abortionists were former "back alley butchers" who fled their home states to enjoy the freedom from prosecution they would find in New York. But was rolling out the red carpet to abortionists really such a good idea?

The carpetbagging abortionists attracted to New York included such unsavory characters as Harvey Karman and Jesse Ketchum. Take a moment to look at the careers of these men and ask yourself if New York did well in welcoming such characters:

The Amazing Career of Dr. Harvey Karman.

From Back Alley Butcher to Legal Abortionist.

Some of the appalling practices found in New York in the wake of the celebrated new abortion freedom included injecting women with saline and sending them home to abort -- or die. Saline was dangerous enough when used in a hospital setting, with intense medical supervision. To do it on an outpatient basis was to play Russian Roulette with women's lives. But the carnage is overlooked by abortion enthusiasts. The New York saline deaths during this period are here.

Pardon me for not considering this cause to celebrate.

Of course, abortion enthusiasts will claim that, well, all surgery has risks, and probably more women would have died from abortions had they remained illegal. But consider this: In 1921, there were 144 abortion deaths in New York City (that includes miscarriages as well as induced abortions). By 1951 that number had fallen to 15. Abortion mortality was plummeting. Public health measures to limit abortion carnage were working -- without taking the drastic step of legalization. Are we to believe that more abortionists, attracted to New York because they no longer feared prosecution, would result in fewer deaths?

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