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Playing Whack-A-Mole With Abortionist Ghali
Appendix: Child Sexual Abuse by Ghali
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Ghali's license was revoked in Kentucky (1987), Florida (1987), New York (1987), and California (1988) following convictions in Kentucky on four counts of unlawful sexual transaction with a minor in 1982.

Ghali's 14-year-old goddaughter testified that Ghali offered her a massage, then took off her bathing suit, rubbed his penis between her legs, and penetrated her vagina with his penis and his fingers. The girl testified that on another occasion Ghali tripped her and rubbed his penis between her legs, penetrating her vagina with his penis and fingers, asking her if she had had enough. Medical board documents indicate that he also engaged in cunnilingus with the girl. She is quoted as saying, "I knew it wasn't right... I guess I trusted him and cared for him. We were really good friends."

She told her stepsister about the encounters when she thought she had become pregnant.

At Ghali's trial, an 8-year-old girl testified she'd seen Ghali touch other children's chests and genital areas and that he had touched her chest. The girl's 12-year-old sister testified that she saw Ghali put his hand up a 5-year-old girl's shirt while she was sitting on his lap. Both girls also described an "airplane game" Ghali allegedly played with children he invited to his home for parties, which involved picking the children up and spinning them, touching their chests or groins.

Ghali denied the allegations, producing in court a receipt which he said proved he was at work the day the girl alleged the first encounter took place. Ghali's attorney claimed the accusations were made because the girl's parents wanted to buy Ghali's house, which Ghali said they lived in for three weeks without his permission while he was out of state. (The Cleveland Free Times January 20-26, 1993; Department of Professional Regulation Case No. 0057913; Kentucky Post 10-21-82, 11-9-82, 11-11-82, Kentucky Enquirer 11-9-82, 11-11-82, 1-13-83, Cincinnati Enquirer 11-2-82; Miami Herald 5-7-88)

• Appendix: A Ghali Timeline

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