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Peeking into an Abortionist's Fridge
And other amazing stuff you'll find in public record documents
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Who's this Thamrong guy?

Why get copies of health department and medical board documents? How else can you find out what the abortionist has in his refrigerator? And abortionist Benjamin P. Thamrong had some of the strangest stuff in his.

Thamrong first came to my attention when somebody sent a clipping of the North Jersey Herald & News for December 22, 1989. A woman said she'd met Thamrong when he performed an abortion on her in 1977. He hired her as a receptionist and had an extramarital affair with her. She alleged that it was his mistreatment of her that prompted her to throw their 2-year-old son to his death from the top of an apartment building, then leap herself.

Thamrong originally opened his facility in 1981, in an area of Fairfield Township not zoned for clinics. Thamrong filed six $1 million lawsuits against the township and its officers, demanding hearings to prove that the facility, which he advertised as a clinic, was actually his private office. The hearings found that the North Jersey Women's Health Organization (WHO) leased the building, owned the equipment, hired and paid staff, handled all the financial arrangements, and had written a manual classifying the facility as a clinic. Thamrong and WHO officer Susan Hill protested that the manual wasn't something anybody actually followed, and that they actually made all their arrangements verbally. The hearing also uncovered irregularities in Thamrong's federal tax returns, such as claiming WHO's expenditures as his own business expenses.

So before we even check with the powers that be, we find a crazed former abortion patient turned receptionist/lover who killed their child then tried to kill herself, we find dubious business practices, and we find evidence of federal income tax evasion.

Looking closer

We checked to see what other strangeness had been going on around Dr. Benjamin P. Thamrong. From a New Jersey Administrative Complaint filed October 3, 1989, we learned the following:

Is this a clinic?

The complaint also covered an inspection of the abortion facility itself. The complaint noted:

The complaint also alleged that Thamrong had been falsifying insurance forms.

So then what?

Thamrong was sentenced to four years' probation for billing Medicaid for abortions patients had already paid for. He was also fined $10,000 and ordered to pay $12,088 in restitution -- despite his plea that he was deeply in debt and that he'd find it a hardship to pay.

And how did Thamrong respond, once his faults had been discovered? He presented health department inspectors with gift-wrapped boxes of money (one containing $1,000 and one containing $500). The investigators reported the transaction as an attempted bribe. Boxed in, Thamrong finally surrendered his license.

And lest you dismiss Thamrong as a fly-by-night flake, I'll take a minute to remind you that he was operating under the auspices of the Women's Health Organization -- which has been, and still may be, a National Abortion Federation member organization. WHO "was founded in 1976 with the goal to provide exceptional medical services to women in a safe and comfortable environment," says their Web site. "All clinics" it goes on, "comply with Federal, State and Local regulations and meet or exceed all medical standards."

Did NAF and WHO know what kind of place this was, or did they just not care?

Sources: New York Daily News 7-13-92; New Jersey Administrative Complaint filed 10-3-89; North Jersey Herald & News 12-22-89; The Chronicle 10-20-82, 2-9-83, 3-16-83, 3-23-83, 3-2-84

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