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Alice in Dadeland
Enter Nabil Ghali
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Ah, yes. We've read that before. Betty Eason's assurance to patients that Dadeland would not put them in the hands of quacks. But still, Dadeland hired Nabil Ghali, identified in Lime 5 as John Roe 76.

Ghali came to Florida from Kentucky, where he was in big, big trouble: He'd been convicted in 1982 of four counts of unlawful sexual transaction with a minor (in this case, his 14-year-old goddaughter). That conviction eventually led to the revocation of Ghali's medical license in Kentucky (1987), Florida (1987), New York (1987), and California (1988). But his sexual transgressions were only part of the story. (Cleveland Free Times January 20-26, 1993; Department of Professional Regulation Case No. 0057913; Kentucky Post 10-21-82, 11-9-82, 11-11-82, Kentucky Enquirer 11-9-82, 11-11-82, 1-13-83, Cincinnati Enquirer 11-2-82; Miami Herald 5-7-88)

Ghali's Ohio license had already been suspended in 1984. His Utah license had been revoked in 1985 for making false statements in a renewal application (he had denied that disciplinary actions had been taken against him in Kentucky). (Miami Herald 5-8-88, Department of Professional Regulation Case No. 0057913; State Medical Board of Ohio report)

Ghali's professional problems started back on 1974, when he was practicing as an ob/gyn in Kentucky along with Edward G. Honey. The parents of a little boy named Richard sued after the child was born in 1974; they alleged that he suffered serious and permanent bodily harm due to Ghali and/or Honey administering Vallium to his mother during her pregnancy. The parents of a little boy named Nathan sued Ghali and Honey after the child was born in 1978; they alleged that the mishandling of the delivery caused cerebral palsy and brain damage. Another suit, filed in 1978, alleged that Ghali and Honey cared for a woman named Barbara "in such a negligent and reckless manner and in a manner falling below the accepted and recognized standards of their profession" during pregnancy that the infant was injured and Barbara died. (C3967 - Campbell Circuit Court No. 78-CI-730; C3968 - Campbell Circuit Court No. 79-CI-350; C3971 - Campbell Circuit Court Case No. 12898)

With things looking grim in Kentucky, Ghali struck out for Florida, where he filed for his medical license under false application, stating that he had only one malpractice suit filed against him when he actually had four.

Ghali first surfaced at Dadeland with the death of Ellen Williams, but he continued to practice there. On December 14, 1985, he performed an abortion on a 30-year-old mother of two I'll call "Carrie." Carrie did not see Ghali until he entered the procedure room and performed her abortion. Cynthia noticed that she was bleeding and passing tissue afterward. She called this to Ghali's attention, and said that he told her, "I expected that." She was sent home, but continued to pass blood and tissue. Twice Carrie called Dadeland requesting treatment; she was told to take aspirin. Finally she was taken by ambulance to James Archer Smith hospital. She had no blood pressure upon arrival. A hysterectomy was performed, whereupon it was found that she'd suffered a two-inch cut in her uterus and a cut to her uterine artery during the abortion. She was hospitalized for two weeks. Carrie sued Ghali, but got a minimal settlement because Ghali had no insurance. (Dade County Circuit Court Case No. 86-37853-CA-01; Miami Herald 9-17-89)

Ghali's license was revoked by Florida in 1987, but he continued to work at Dadeland while appealing the medical board's decision.

A woman I'll call "Gail" went to Dadeland April 25, 1988, for an abortion. Ghali perforated her uterus, and she had to go to Mercy Hospital for an emergency hysterectomy. Her lawsuit contended that Ghali and those acting on his behalf had failed to adequately warn her of the possible complications of the abortion, and had failed to examine her adequately before the procedure. Dadeland's attorneys sought to have Dadeland removed from the case on the grounds that "Dadeland Family Planning is not a Health Care Provider." No comment. (Dade County Circuit Court Case #89 04859; Miami Herald 9-17-89)

Ghali continued to practice in Florida until his license was finally revoked. He then moved to Ohio where he went to work at Academy Medical Center. He was caught there, sexually assaulting patients and performing abortions without a valid medical license. He plea bargained and got off on time served.

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