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Alice in Dadeland
The Miami Herald took us through the looking glass at a Florida abortion mill
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To the tune of the Flintstones theme song
Easons, meet the Easons
They're the Dadeland clinic family
From the local prison
Where they're doing time for felonies

Of all the disgusting abortion mills in America, Miami's infamous Dadeland Family Planning Center epitomized everything that can be wrong with an abortion facility. (Dadeland is Acme Reproductive Services 30 in Lime 5.)

Dadeland had more names than The Artist Formerly Known As Prince: Abortion Access Center, Abortion Clinic - Hospital Center, Abortion Counseling Center, Abortion Information Center, Adoption Counseling Association, Birth Control Information, Dade County Abortion, Dadeland Abortion, Dadeland Women's Medical Center, Eason's Abortion Access Center, Florida Abortion, Florida Family Planning, Medical Center, Planned Population, Women's Center of Dade, Women's Referral Group, Women's Crisis Center. It advertised under these multiple names in order to appear more times in the Yellow pages and therefore to lure in more customers.

Dadeland was a family-owned business, run by Betty Eason and her felonious children, and sometimes her grandchildren. Originally, Eason had operated "Planned Parenthood of Oakland County" in Michigan, and "Planned Parenthood of Greater Miami," to sell referrals for abortions in New York during the period just before Roe v. Wade, when abortion on demand was legal in New York but not in the rest of the country. Her troubles started when an officially-affiliated Planned Parenthood in Michigan got a call from a woman whose daughter had flown to New York for an Eason-arranged abortion. This alerted Planned Parenthood, which then discovered that Eason was running radio ads using the "Planned Parenthood" name. The Michigan affiliate notified the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, which sued the Easons for the use of their trademark name. (Miami Herald 9-17-89; Betty Eason is Erma Roe 230 in Lime 5.)

Eason and her brood then went into the abortion business for themselves, opening Dadeland. Eason said she went into the abortion business because "Someone very close to me nearly died in an illegal abortion in Mexico. Also, I saw a black woman in a New York hospital nearly bleed to death after she had an abortion with a coat hanger. I'm pro-choice. That's what gets me up in the morning." She'd admonish patients, "Don't go out and put yourself in the hands of quacks, dear. There are plenty of places that don't care about women like we do." (Miami Herald 9-17-89)

Eason's children Marc and Susan Eason Hoffman helped her run the clinic -- when they weren't in prison. Marc ended up serving a life sentence for the ax-murders of his roommates, who he killed as "justifiable homicide" (so he claimed) because they'd "complained about his sloppiness." Marc wasn't only violent toward his roommates: he'd previously stabbed his mother in the neck with a steak knife, saying that she deserved it for having poisoned his father (who had died of a heart attack in 1969). Susan drew a check from Dadeland while she was incarcerated for crimes including possession of cocaine and hit-and-run. (Miami Herald 9-17-89)

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