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Is 'Who Decides?' Really the Question?
Should abortion be exempt from the normal societal examination we give other activities?
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Dateline: 4/2/01

A popular propaganda ploy of abortion supporters is to say that the issue isn't about whether abortion is right or wrong, but about, "Who decides -- the woman or the state?"

Society doesn't take that attitude toward other issues. When deciding whether or not to ban an activity -- rape, arson, child molesting, forgery, drunk driving -- the issue is very much about the activity itself, and not about "who decides" if a particular person is going to engage in that activity.

If an activity is wrong or harmful, society doesn't decide who should or should not engage in the behavior. Society decides that this activity itself is not a valid choice.

Is there any rational reason why abortion, of all human activities, should be exempt from the same kind of examination society gives to other activities? Is there any reason why we should not even bother to look at issues of right or wrong, harm or benefit?

We need to look at abortion rationally, the same way we've looked at rape, arson, child molesting, forgery, drunk driving, and other activities, and decide as a society, "Is this a wrong and harmful activity that should be banned?"

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