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Self-Mutilation and Self-Abortion
Self-mutilation? What? Why?
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• Powerful image, but how true to life?
• They did happen. And they still happen.
• 'Self-help' vs. self-harm
• What does this have to do with abortion?
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Dateline: 3/28/01

Most kinds of self-injury are cuts, bites, and burns with cigarettes. The injuries range from mild bruises and superficial scratches to amputation of limbs, putting out eyes, or castration.

Some of the reasons people self injure include:

People who self-injure tend to be depressed, very sensitive, and acutely tense. One researcher (Herpertz) believes that some stress increases the anxiety and tension to an overwhelming state. The act of self-injury releases the tension. People who self-injure tend to stay anxious and aroused despite using relaxation and coping techniques that work for other people. Some researchers believe that this may be due to brain imbalances; others think it is a learned behavior caused by childhood abuse and/or trauma.

Two researchers, Haines and Williams, found that self-mutilators tend to cope with problems by avoiding them, rather than with problem-solving techniques. This might explain why women who might otherwise self-mutilate will attempt a violent self-induced abortion rather than calmly assess how to arrange a legal abortion or adapt to the pregnancy and arrival of a new baby.

There are common characteristics to people who self-injure. Then tend to:

Now, how does all this relate to "coathanger" abortions?

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