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Abortionist Stephen Ira Weber
Obstetrician, Gynecologist, Abortionist
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Abortionist Stephen I. Weber's license was revoked in New York for medical misconduct involving 13 patients. His license was suspended in Connecticut for performing an unauthorized abortion on patient Mary M. (Hartford Courant 5-24-92)

According to the May 24, 1992 Hartford Courant, one of Weber's abortion patients suffered a punctured uterus and was kept under observation for several hours while her blood pressure dropped. She arrived at the hospital comatose, with no puluse or blood pressure. She required a hysterectomy, and nearly died. Another patient was injured by Weber during the removal of an ovarian cyst.

The article also says that Weber had been disciplined in 1990 for failure to perform a needed C-section, causind the death of the infant; Weber reportedly "allowed Patient L's marital status to influence his medical judgment." He faced additional obstetric allegations of failure to detect gestational diabetes resulting in fetal death, misadministration of Pitocin resulting in a torn cervix and the near death of Patient H.

Weber reportedly slapped the face of patient in labor in October of 1986, telling her "I want you to push with no noise." During a November 1986 delivery, Weber reportedly pulled so hard with forceps that his "face and arms were tense and the bed shook." The forceps collapsed, and Weber fell on the patient. The infant was born with a blood cyst on the scalp and a cut over the right eye; the woman suffered tissue tears.

New York medical board documents verify these allegations, and describe other cases of mistreatment of patients.

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