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Phillip R. Rand
Back alley butcher? Or provider of vital reproductive health care services?
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Dr. Phillip R. Rand was disciplined by the California medical board for his appalling treatment of patients. Click here to see the original document.

One patient that Rand treated in his private practice was identified as "C.M." I'll call her "Clarissa". Clarissa was treated by Rand for a total of 9 office visits from August 2000 to August 2002 for "weight management, leg, and hip pain."

The board noted that Rand diagnosed "muscle tear, ligament injury, severe anxiety, failure and depression" and that Rand treated Clarissa "with drugs, lots of drugs."

And by "drugs, lots of drugs", the board meant over 100 prescriptions, to four different pharmacies. Rand told Clarissa "to fill the prescriptions at different pharmacies and to tell them she was going on vacation, to avoid detection as to the amount of medication she was receiving." The drugs in question were mostly for Phentermine (a weight-loss drug), Xanax, and Vicodin.

The board particularly noted how excessive the prescriptions were. An appropriate dosage for Xanax, for example, would be 1-2 tablets per day. Over a period of 11 months in 2001, Rand prescribed 1031 tablets - enough to last nearly three years if Clarissa took the maximum recommended dosage of two tablets a day.

The board faulted Rand with failure to take medical history or perform a physican examination, including failure to assess her psychological function and her history of substance abuse, in addition to faulting him for simply pumping her full of drugs when he knew she had medical and psychological problems that needed to be addressed.

The board also faulted him for inadequate and inaccurate record keeping.

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