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Phillip R. Rand
Back alley butcher? Or provider of vital reproductive health care services?
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Dr. Phillip R. Rand was disciplined by the California medical board for his appalling treatment of patients. Click here to see the original document.

On August 7, 2004, Rand performed an ultrasound on a patient identified as "A.P." I'll call her "Angela". Rand diagnosed Angela as being about 20 weeks pregnant. Then, despite the advanced pregnancy Rand gave her "little or no analgesia or anestheia for pain". He also for some reason chose to perform a vacuum aspiration abortion, appropriate for aborting a first trimester pregnancy, not an advanced second-trimester pregnancy like Angela's.

Again, despite the advanced pregnancy and the choice of an inappropriate technique, Rand rushed through the abortion in only five minutes.

Rand told Angela that she should expect some bleeding, which was normal. He then sent her to the recovery room, "which consisted of several futon like beds, only a foot or so off the floor."

Angela spent about half an hour in the recovery room, bleeding more and more heavily. She got chills and felt dizzy. But Rand had already left the facility. There were only two medical assistants to care for Angela. "There were no other licensed medical personnel on the premises, nor was there any emergency equipment like a crash cart. There was no oxygen in the recovery room, nor was there any I.V.s."

At about 5:45, one of the medical assistants called Rand on his cell phone to report Angela's condition. Rand, who was on his way home, told the assitant to call 911 if Angela's condition didn't improve. Angela's bleeding continued unabated, so the assistant called 911. Paramedics arrived in about ten minutes.

The medics found Angela bleeding heavily where she lay on the futon, in the care of the two assistants. Angela's blood pressure was an alarmingly low 80/40, her pulse an equally alraming 160 beats per minute. She appeared pale and weak. She had no I.V. hooked up, nor was she being given oxygen.

The medics transferred Angela to their gurney, noting that she'd been lying in a large pool of blood. They transported her to St. Joseph's hospital.

The board faulted Rand with gross and repeated acts of negligence in his care of Angela, particularly his failure to give her intravenous fluids when she was anemic to start with, failure to properly manage her pain, failure to adequately moniter Angela's vital signs during and after the abortion, failure to give her oxygen, and leaving her in an "unacceptable" recovery room in the care of unlicensed medial personnel while she was suffering complications.

The board also faulted him for inadequate and inaccurate record keeping.

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