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Norman E. Matthews
Provided and directed vital reproductive health care services at Margaret Sanger Center in Ohio
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An underage girl, April S., went to Margaret Sanger Center for laminaria insertion on February 2, 1987, in preparation for an abortion to be performed the following day by Matthews. Matthews performed a vaccum aspiration abortion procedure February 3.

There were no fetal parts found in the examination of the tissue removed during the abortion, but nobody at Margaret Sanger Center told April that. She was sent home.

Three months later, on May 7, another doctor examined April and noted that she was still pregnant, 22.5 weeks along. April "decided to keep the child due to the emotional trauma experienced by the first abortion procedure and the numerous additional risks to a late stage abortion."

Thus began a time of great anxiety for April. Ultrasounds performed between May 7 and June 29 showed decreasing amniotic fluid. It was on June 29 that April went into premature labor and underwent a c-section. Due to the low levels of amniotic fluid, the baby was born with chorioamnionitis, hypoplastic lungs, and Hyline Membrane Disease. The baby died the following day. (Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas Case No. A-8905595)

Matthews was also co-defendant in a suit filed by Mary S. She underwent an abortion at Margaret Sanger Center in 1985. Matthews was the clinic director. The abortion was evidently performed by a Dr. Theresa Zumwalt, who under Matthews' supervision managed to fail to diagnose that Mary actually had an ectopic pregnancy. The pregnancy ruptured on January 25, and as a result Mary required emergency surgery. I believe Mary's Dr. Zumwalt is the same Dr. Theresa Zumwalt who worked at Inglewood Women's Hospital in California. (Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas Case No. A8500170)

Carol H. suffered significantly following her safe, legal abortion, performed by a doctor not named in the court complaint. This abortion left Carol with retained tissue. Stephen Hornstein performed a D&C to treat the incomplete abortion. He then referred Carol to Matthews for a hysterectomy. During this surgery, Carol suffered complications that led to temporary paralysis from the waist down, and permanent paralysis and atrophy of her right leg. (Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas Case No. A748464)

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