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Black Women on the Altar of Choice
One of abortion's ugliest secrets
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The Left exhibits a resounding indifference to the little-known fact that it is Black women who suffer disproportionately from abortion quackery. Let me rephrase that: The entire country exhibits a resounding indifference to the little-known fact that it is Black women who suffer disproportionately from abortion quackery.

That the abortion horror stories happen disproportionately to Black women is interesting, since Black women are the population cohort (by race and sex) most opposed to abortion.

Blacks comprise about 13 percent of the US population, yet Black woman are sold roughly 35 percent of abortions. (Strange, since Black women are more opposed to abortion than are their white sisters.) But most disturbing is this fact: Black women account for at least 50 percent of known abortion deaths. (Of abortion deaths identified by Life Dynamics, Black women accounted for 50 percent of deaths in which the race was known; a CDC study found the death rate among Black women to be even higher.)

This bears repeating: A young Black woman is more than twice as likely to be sold an abortion as a young white woman, and once she gets on the abortion table, she is about twice as likely to suffer fatal complications as a white woman.

More to the point, a Black woman coming of age in the US is at least four times more likely to die from abortion complications than a white woman coming of age.

To my knowledge, nobody has ever done a study invesitgating why abortion mortality disproportionately effects Black women. Is it because they'e more likely to be public pay patients (who have a higher rate of abortion complications)? Is it because they tend to have fewer financial resources than their white counterparts, and therefore are more likely to fall prey to cut-rate abortion mills? Is it because they get even poorer care than their white sisters at the hands of racist abortionists? Nobody knows because, to my knowledge, nobody is asking.

When we were working on Lime 5, I opened an envelope full of death certificates a researcher had sent. They were death certificates for women who had died from abortions in Illinios. I'd long known about these deaths; all I needed to do with these death certificates was check for any details other reports had not included.

For some reason, as I leafed through the death certificates, my eye was drawn to the box marked "Race."

My co-worker, Mona, walked past my office a few minutes later and found me with my head down on my desk, crying. She asked what was wrong, and I shoved the fistful of death certificates at her.

"Look at these, Mona," I told her. "They're all Black women. We're never going to be able to get anybody to care."

That was five years ago, and it seems that I was right. As long as abortion quackery continues to be predominately a problem of Black women, it will continue to be an invisible problem that doesn't get acknowledged, much less addressed.

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