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"Freaks" Teaches Pro Life Message

Dateline: 1/29/00

The Real Deformity

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It's not too hard to see Cleopatra's evil and she and Hercules plot the death of the smitten Hans. We can see it as wrong when Cleopatra prefers the brutish Hercules to the adoring Hans on the feeble grounds of physical differences. We can see the cruelty when Cleopatra flings the wine in Angelo's face. Yet when we mark these same superficial traits as valid grounds for abortion, we dress it in the language of mercy. Why is Cleopatra's rejection evil, and ours kind?

"That's different," is the elitist answer. "Angelo and Johnny and Daisy and Violet were born people. They were already here. A fetus isn't here yet. It's just a potential person." But the rejected baby is real enough to be examined, judged, declared imperfect, and executed. He is a living human being, with a beating heart. He has just as much to say as any other child. But we silence him, dismiss him out of hand without ever knowning him, on the same grounds Cleopatra uses to dismiss the guests from her wedding banquet.

When Amelia Eckhardt gave birth to twin sons on an August night in 1911, it was the younger baby, the deformed baby, the half-baby, the child who wasn't expected to live, that was given his father's name to carry on: John Eckhardt, Jr., known to the world as Johnny Eck. He was not loved any less than his physically whole brother, Robert. The Eckhardt family knew something we've conveniently forgotten: that rejecting somebody is a choice we make. It says very little about the person we push away, but it says volumes about us.

To focus on a "disability" is to look at something that isn't even there -- to pay attention to the arm that is missing, or the intellect that is lacking, or the movement the legs don't make. It's seeing the hole and ignoring the donut.

That's an empty way to go through life.


"One Of Us"
The Real Deformity

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