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"Freaks" Teaches Pro Life Message

Dateline: 1/29/00


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Prejudice against Mr. B, with his single arm, makes no more sense to me than prejudice against my mother, with her two languages. And to propose abortion because the fetus is missing a limb or two sounds, to my horrified ears, like wishing that Mr. B had bled to death after the railyard accident that claimed his arm and leg. Hitler had his full arm and leg count -- did that make him more of a man than Mr. B? The visible differences aren't always the important ones. The monster isn't the armless man; it's the heartless man.

That's the message of Tod Browning's misunderstood masterpiece, Freaks. Tragically, the medium drowned out the message. Audiences were easily able to see the physical differences of the professional "freaks" Browning cast in his cinema sideshow, and they turned away without ever seeing how superficial those differences are. Perhaps "normal" people fear seeming ghoulish. They don't want to seem to be staring at those misbegotten unfortunates. Well, through the magic of modern technology, Freaks is available on video. We can now gawk and stare in the privacy of our living rooms. And through the magic of the Internet, we can order Freaks online and get it in the mail, sparing ourselves the embarrassment of being seen buying or renting it. We can watch again and again, until the initial shock wears off. We can watch until we actually start to see the people.

First, a caveat. The "Code of the Freaks" is a myth. Browning knew this from his own days as a carnival worker. In the sideshow, there was no more bond among the "human oddities" than among other workers. In relation to the rest of the world, it was carneys united against marks (outsiders), regardless of the number of limbs the carney had or how tall he was, just like you'll find employees at any workplace standing together against outsiders. And inside the carnival, it was the same kind of cliques you find in any workplace, based on personalities and interests. Extraordinary stature, missing limbs, and so on, had all the significance of red hair or love handles in any other workplace.

One thing Browning did well with Freaks was give the audience a glimps of the "human oddities" as ordinary people. Tiny Frieda confides in Venus about her romantic worries as she hangs up her laundry. Violet argues with her brother-in-law as she and conjoined sister Daisy make their bed. Limbless Randion lights a cigarette as he listens to a friend's bragging. The "skeleton dude" passes out cigars as his bearded wife shows off their new baby. Armless Frances eats her dinner as she and Koko "the bird woman" worry about a troublesome man. Legless Johnny helps Phroso the clown work on a new gag. It's business as usual, even for people whose bodies deviate from the norm.

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