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Eastern Women's Center's History
New York Times covered Eastern's merger with ParkMed. What did they omit?
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Dateline: 1/17/01

The New York Times recently mentioned the merger of Eastern Women's Center with a nearby competitor in the wake of falling abortion sales. This would be, therefore, a good time to look at Eastern's history.

Eastern was a longstanding member of the National Abortion Federation -- something to keep in mind when you read about what kinds of things have happened there.

A suit by T.J. alleging injury after she sought “medical care, attention and treatment from Dr. Orrin Moore at Eastern on February 17-18, 1994. T.J. went to the ER at Harlem Hospital on the 20th to have corrective care, then returned on the 21st and was admitted. She required inpatient care until March 14, 1994.

In 1993, an abortion at Eastern left 23-year-old Venus Ortiz permanently incapactitated. She died a lingering death.

A suit by K.P. alleged injury during treatment by Dr. Moore at Eastern on March 2-3, 1993. Hospitalization was required.

In 1992, a 28-year-old patient alleged that she was released from Eastern after Dr. Jeffrey Moskowitz performed an abortion on her. She later was discovered to have multiple uterine perforations and had to be hospitalized for corrective surgery.

In 1991, 21-year-old Dawn Mack died of complications of an abortion performed at Eastern.

In 1990, patient "J.P." said that her August 10 abortion by Orin Moore at Eastern left her with injuries that resulted in her needing a hysterectomy.

Deficiencies cited in 1989 inspection included staff lacking CPR recertification. (Statement of Deficiencies February 21-29, 1989)

In 1988, the Health Department noted that a 17-year-old patient who was actually 20 weeks pregnant was told that she was 8 or 12 weeks pregnant; her abortion resulted in injury and hospitalization.

Eastern was assessed a penalty of $42,000 in 1988, and required to conduct Quality Assurance review of abortion procedures, and to perform evaluation and revision of nursing policies and implement in-service education for medical and nursing staff, to review credentials of all physicians, and to develop approved protocols for quality assurance audits. A 1988 inspection noted that a patient had indicated taking heart medication on her medical history, but her anesthesia note said "no known med. illness." (health department documents of 1988)

In 1987, the Health Deparment noted that a facilitator observed that a vacuum abortion was to be done on a patient on January 23, but there were no notes on what type of procedure actually was performed. The operating time is noted as being 30 minutes, which is an extrordinary length of time for a vacuum abortion. The next day the woman bled so heavily she was hospitalized. (Statement of Deficiencies and Plan of Correction July 20-24, 1987)

Also in 1987, F.B. sued after Kirk Young performed an abortion on her at Eastern on February 7. F.B. said that the abortion was incomplete and she had to have a second procedure.

Also in 1987, a Statement of Deficiencies noted that a woman had undergone an abortion at Eastern on April 10. She called their hotline on May 15 to report very heavy bleeding and cramping. The notes said, "this is probably her first real period after procedure." The patient was reassured, told to relax, and instructed to use a cold compress and to return if her symptoms persisted. A follow-up call on May 20 noted that the patient said she was feeling better, but on June 25, she called again to report heavy bleeding. She was told to return on the 27th for an evaluation. When she was evaluated, it was discovered that her hematocrit was reduced by 8%. She evidently had not been given an evaluation by a physician during that 1 1/2 month period. (Statement of Deficiencies and Plan of Correction July 20-24, 1987)

During a 1987 inspection, Eastern couldn't find the Medical Director after looking for him for four days. But the inspectors were able to find plenty of violations. (Statement of Deficiencies July 20-24, 1987)

In 1985, 13-year-old Dawn Ravenell died after an abortion by Allen Kline at Eastern.

A suit by J.R., age 30, alleged lack of informed consent, lack of information about alternatives, and injury from abortion and IUD removal performed on March 23, 1984 by Dr. Jeng at Eastern in Manhatten. Jeng failed to diagnose J.R.'s ectopic pregnancy even though her pathology report indicated no products of conception and a subsequent pregnancy test was positive. The ectopic ruptured, causing shock, leading to hospital admission and removal of J.R.'s right tube. Settled for $ 190,000.

A suit by J.B. alleged lack of informed consent and alternative options for treatment she received on January 7, 1984 from Dr. Young at Eastern.

In 1983, a patient alleged that she had a perforated uterus from a May 20 abortion performed at Eastern by Kirk young. She needed a hysterectomy.

In 1982, a patient alleged that on January 22, Hanan Rotem performed an abortion on her at Eastern, leaving her with a uterine perforation and a hole in her uterus. She took the case to court and won a $300,000 verdict, but Rotem settled for $117,500 after the trial.

In 1980, a 25-year-old patient alleged that William Walden performed an abortion on her at Eastern that failed to kill the fetus. She underwent a saline abortion afterward.

A suit by F.C., age 25, alleged failed abortion in December of 1980 by William Walden at Eastern.

Also in 1980, another patient alleged that on July 14, Walden performed an incomplete abortion on her, causing an infection.

A suit by A.P. alleged infection, lack of informed consent, internal scarring and possible infertility due to IUD inserted at Eastern on November 5, 1980. (NY County Supreme Court Index No. 26126/82)

A suit was filed in 1979 by P.B. for medical malpractice by Dr. Mohammed at Eastern.

In 1978, a suit was filed on behalf of a minor, alleging that she suffered a uterine perforation and bowel injury during an abortion performed at Eastern by Bakhtaver Irani on Septembr 9. The girl was hospitalized and will propably not be able to have children. The plaintiffs were awarded a reduced verdict of $250,000.

A suit was filed in 1976 by B.M. for medical malpractice by Dr. Elkan at Eastern.

A suit by A.K. alleged incomplete abortion and hemorrhage after abortion on February 28, 1976 by Richard Lumiere at Eastern.

A patient who had an abortion June 3, 1975, at Eastern claimed that she developed Asherman's syndrome as a result.

Also in 1975, a 14-year-old girl suffered second and third degree burns to her calf from a lamp while she was under general anesthesia for her abortion, performed October 29 by Wolf Elkan, under the auspices of Karl Fossum, at Eastern.

A suit was filed by V.W. after an abortion performed on June 3, 1972 at Eastern. She claimed uterine and bladder perforation from the abortion lead to a total hysterectomy. She suffered from depression and had attempted suicide.

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