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"Dolores" Meets George Tiller

Dateline: 1/8/99

On behalf of his client, who I call "Dolores C." to protect her privacy, attorney Ted Amshoff filed suit against Tiller and his business. What follows is her story, told in her attorney's words as much as possible.

Dolores had a pregnancy test at Women's Health Care Services, which confirmed the pregnancy.

Although an occasional undiagnosed ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy outside the uterus) will survive to viability and be delivered without killing the mother, these cases are so rare that they're considered freakish accidents. Although there have been rumors about doctors successfully transplanting ectopic pregnancies into the uterus, these have not been verified. The only known treatment for ectopic pregnancy is to remove it, either by surgery or by using drugs to kill the embryo and allow it to be expelled or absorbed by the woman's body.

Dolores filed suit against Tiller and Women's Health Care Services in November of 1991.

The suit also alleges that Tiller and his corporation continued to make attempts to "conceal the true nature of the state of affairs" surrounding the abortion.

I would say so. Tiller's supporters might think otherwise.

Source: Sedgewick (KS) County District Court Case No. 92C1280

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