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Assorted Scriptures and Abortion
What does the Bible say about dealing with life's crises?
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Dateline: January 9, 2001

Let's take a look at some assorted Scriptures that can tell us how to approach abortion:

I think this applies not only to rape and incest, but "He's a scumbag, why would I want to have his baby?" Should the fact that the father has sinned -- through abandonment of responsibilities, adultery, fornication, rape, or failing in any way to show the love due to our fellow human beings -- justify punishing the unborn little one? Do we punish children for the sins of their parents?

The blood of the fetus, who is about as innocent as you can get, is irrefutably shed in abortion. Where on this earth can a Christian say is an appropriate place for a Christian to shed innocent blood? There is no hospital, clinic, or doctor's office where God is not present, where His eyes do not see and His heart does not grieve. Does the fact that abortion takes place outside a church building make the shedding of innocent blood any less abominable?

How much more "least" can one be than a tiny fetus in the womb? Do not Christ's words tell us that the very smallness and helplessness of the fetus compell us even more to see Christ, and to treat our unborn brethren as we would our Savior? This scripture alone should be enough to silence Christians who claim that abortion is acceptable in God's eyes. How can they justify it? On the grounds that Christ was willing to be crucified for our sins, therefore He won't mind being cut up with a curette or torn apart with forceps?

Is making one's womb a place where a creation of God's is torn into little pieces in keeping with this scripture? Likewise, is abortion, the tearing into pieces of God's handiwork, a suitable act for inside our bodies, which are temples of the Holy Spirit?

Is sacrificing the lives of our own unborn children in keeping with this scripture? Since when is the Chrisitian called to ask others to sacrifice their own lives for his or her convenience? We are called upon to lay down our lives for one another, not to demand that our brothers and sisters die for our sakes.

Is resorting to abortion a very good sign of faith that God will provide for our needs? Can we be trusting God for daily bread, when we're ready to jump the gun and destroy one of His children out of fear of what will happen many months from now?

How hospitable are we being when we deny our own offspring the safety of our wombs? If we refuse to love our own children, sheltered in our bodies, how can we claim to love our brothers and sisters who seek refuge in our homes?

I think people tend to get too literalist when they get to abortion and the Bible, and don't look at general precepts, which are:

1. Trust in God. Are we trusting Him to meet our needs when we act in fear? And isn't abortion really an act of fear, rather than of trust?

2. Reverence. What does it say of our reverence for God when we destroy His handiwork?

3. Love. How loving it it to tear another limb from limb?

And throughout the Old Testament are admonistions to be kind to animals -- to not muzzle the ox, etc. If we're to show kindness to beasts, how are we to treat our unborn offspring?

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