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Cemetery of Choice

Carolina Gutierrez
Carolina Gutierrez

Maureen Tyke
Maureen Tyke

Diana Lopez
Diana Lopez

Holly Patterson
Holly Patterson

Marla Cardamone
Marla Cardamone

Clara Duvall
Clara Duvall

Pauline Shirley
Pauline Shirley

Rosie Jimenez
Rosie Jimenez


Planned Parenthood Deaths

Planned Parenthood is perhaps the organization most revered by those who support legal abortion.

The following women trusted Planned Parenthood to make good on promises of safety and high standards of care, and paid with their lives.

Also keep in mind that this is not a comprehensive list of women who've died after abortions at Planned Parenthood facilities. These are just the deaths that I, personally, was able to identify from public record documents. Unless somebody first does a search of court records or other records and publicizes the death, I can not learn of it.

Edrica Goode
This 21-year-old aspiring lawyer went to a Planned Parenthood in Riverside, California, on January 31, 2007, for a second-trimester abortion. Despite clear signs of infection, a nurse practitioner inserted laminaria and sent her home.

Diana Lopez
Diana Lopez, age 25, was 19 weeks pregnant when she went to a Planned Parenthood for an abortion on February 28, 2002. Before the day was over, Diana had bled to death.

Holly Patterson
Holly Patterson, age 18, died September 17, 2003, from sepsis caused by a fetus incompletely expelled in a chemical abortion. Holly got the drugs for the fatal abortion at a Planned Parenthood in Hayward, California, on September 10.

Vivian Tran
Vivian was 22 years old, and died December 29, 2003, six days into the abortion process. She'd been given abortion drugs on December 23 at the Costa Mesa Planned Parenthood facility.

Nichole Williams
Twenty-two-year-old Nicole was the third patient known to have died of abortion complications under the dubious care of Dr. Robert Crist. The others were Latachie Veal and Diane Boyd. Nichole submitted to an abortion at a National Abortion Federation member facility operated by Planned Parenthood.

The following patients were referred by Planned Parenthood for the abortions that took their lives. So though it was not Planned Parenthood staff that took instrument in hand and killed them, their deaths are still due to having trusted Planned Parenthood.

Andrea Corey
Andrea Corey was 31 years old when she was referred by nearby Planned Parenthood to Southern Tier Women's Services in New York for an abortion.

Sandra Kaiser
In October of 1984, 14-year-old Sandra Kaiser was referred by Planned Parenthood to Reproductive Health Services (RHS) for an abortion, to be done behind her mother's back in violation of parental involvement laws. Afterward, Sandra's mental health deteriorated and she threw herself into traffic.

Elizabeth Tsuji
Planned Parenthood referred Elizabeth to a seedy abortion mill to finish the job after the abortion they'd performed on her failed to kill the baby.

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