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New York Saline Abortion Deaths, 1970-1972

Risky procedure embraced by quacks
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On April 9, 1970, the New York State Assembly voted to legalize abortion on demand through 24 weeks. I'm sure they meant well, but they'd been bamboozled by activists such as Bernard Nathanson and Larry Lader into believing that they'd be preventing thousands of maternal deaths a year. Little did these politicians know that the claims were a lie. And instead of saving lives, they gave former illegal abortionists, and seedy wanna-be abortionists, free rein in their state. Some of these quacks embraced saline abortion, a method that had already been discredited and abandoned in countries with more experience with legal abortion.

This list of women known to have died from saline abortions initiated in New York City and New York State in these early years of abortion on demand is compiled from "Maternal Mortality Associated with Legal Abortion in New York State," Berger et al., Obstet Gynec March 1974. The time period represents the first two years of legalized abortion in New York.




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