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"Becky" Roe

"Becky" Roe is one of the women Life Dynamics notes on their "Blackmun Wall" of women killed by legalized abortion.

Becky was 18 years old when she traveled from Arkansas to New York for a safe and legal abortion. She was 14 weeks pregnant.

The abortion was performed on September 26, 1971. Though she was running a fever the day after the abortion, staff discharged her to return home.

By the time Becky got back to Arkansas and saw a doctor, her condition was critical. She died from infection on October 5.

Sources: “Maternal Mortality Associated With Legal Abortion in New York State: July 1, 1970 – June 30, 1972,” Berger, Tietze, Pakter, Katz, Obstetrics and Gynecology, 43:3, March 1974, 325.

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