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Stacy Zallie
Took her own life roughly a year after her abortion
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Stacy Zallie

Stacy Zallie underwent a safe, legal abortion at the age of 19, in 1999. She didn't tell her family about the abortion, but did mention that she was troubled. She sought psyciatric care, but still kept the abortion a secret.

In October of 2000, about a year after her abortion and mere days before she was to serve as a bridesmaid in her brother's wedding, Stacy took her own life.

Stacy was the daughter of George J. Zallie, owner of eight ShopRite stores near Cherry Hill, New Jersey, and his wife, Linda.

After learning of the abortion and Stacy's unbearable anguish afterward, her parents started the Stacy Zallie Foundation to provide post-abortion care so that nobody else's daughter suffers the fate their daughter did.

The Zallie family takes no stand on abortion, seeking to keep their focus on providing desperately-needed aftercare to suffering women, regardless of politics, creed, or religion.


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