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Countdown to Roe: The Finkbine Abortion, 1962
Romper Room lady aborts Thalidomide baby
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Countdown to Roe: 1962

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Sherri Finkbine, host of Romper Room, goes to Sweden to abort a baby she suspects has been deformed due to her illegal use of Thalidomide. Sympathy for Finkbine leads to support for the idea of aborting babies who might have birth defects.

Finkbine had originally arranged a quiet, legal abortion to be done in a hospital, but she decided to go public before the abortion, ostensibly to warn other women. How many women Finkbine thought were illegally using Thalidomide remains a mystery.

A BBC article indicates that Finkbine's baby did indeed have disabilities; he was missing his legs and one arm.

Finkbine, then 30, is shown in BBC coverage smiling radiantly as she steps off a plane in London after her abortion.

It's interesting to note that only 20% of the babies born to mothers who took Thalidomide were born with birth defects. But this mere 20% chance of missing or deformed limbs, or other birth defects, was considered to be enough to justify aborting the 80% of thalidomide-exposed fetuses who would not have been affected.

This speaks volumes about our attitudes toward people with disabilities.

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