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The Changing Face of Abortion in the 20th Century

As the century draws to a close, we'll be hearing a lot from abortion enthusiasts about how the legalization of abortion has been the greatest boon to humanity ... since the wheel? Since sliced bread? Of all time? A few of the more modest abortion promoters might settle for calling legalization "one of the greatest" public health/political/social achievements in history. As the saying goes, "Individual results may vary." The pattern will be familiar:

I'll be taking a closer look at the typical abortion advocacy claims.

First, we'll look at the claims of 5,000 to 10,000 pre-legalization maternal deaths per year. Where did those numbers come from? Were they even remotely accurate? Is accuracy even a concern among abortion advocates? Read Abortion in the 20th Century: Crunching Numbers.

Then, we'll look at what pre-legalization abortions were really like. Was the stereotype of the greasy old man with a coat hanger accurate? Or was pre-legalization abortion more like the stories told in recent books such as Doctors of Conscience, The Story of Jane, and The Abortionist? Abortion Practice Before Legalization.

Then we'll look at the number crunching that has taken place since legalization. Are we even getting an accurate body count any more? Or are we just operating on the unexamined assumption that legalization means fewer deaths? Read Safe-N-Legal in the 20th Century.

Next, we'll question whether legalization has brought in the promised Utopia. Are women in the post-Roe era really offered safer, more professionally-dispensed abortion, or are they just offered cheaper and more frequent abortions? Read Post Roe: An Improvement?

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