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Abortion: The Century in Review

As the 20th Century draws to a close (which it technically does on January 1, 2001) I've pulled together some of the most interesting bits of abortion history for you.

The Changing Face of Abortion
Your gateway to a series about how abortion practice has changed, and how it's stayed the same. This page gives you an overview of the series.

Practices Before Legalization
What was abortion practice like before legalization? A closer look which might surprise you.

Pre-Legalization Mortality
An overview of the claim that criminal abortions were killing 5,000 to 10,000 American women every year.

Post Roe Practices
Exactly how much change did cart-blanc legalization make on abortion practices?

Safe-n-Legal in the 20th Century
A look at the claims of abortion's safety since decriminalization.

Abortionists of the 20th Century
Some of the cast of characters that brought us abortions: legal, illegal, and quasi-legal.

Dividing the Century
Your gateway to a series of color-coded abortion timelines. Follow trends through the century.

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