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Instant Abortion for Your Daughter at School?

Dateline 9/21/00

Pro-family members of the House of Representatives are working to protect your daughter from pill pushers. The pill in question is the abortifacient marketed as "morning after" pills. The bill would block federal funding to distribute the drug in public schools.

Tom Coburn (R-Oklahoma) and other supporters of the measure say that 180 schools in the US are already handing out the mini-abortion pills to teens in school-based clinics.

``I think the debate is whether or not parents ought to be made or allowed to be involved in significant decisions of their children,'' Coburn said. ``When a child in school can't get an aspirin without a parent being involved but we can give them a prescription pill, I think we need to have a full and fair discussion.''


Those who support passing out abortion drugs in school, such as Nancy Johnson (R-Connecticut), say, ``This frankly has nothing to do with abortion at all. It has everything to do with preventing pregnancy.'' This claim is based on a new definition of "pregnancy" by birth control advocates. They hold that "pregnancy" does not begin until the zygote implants in the uterus, and that therefore a drug that kills a zygote before it implants isn't an abortifacient. Semantics aside, the issue is still one of killing after conception.

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