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NAF Newspeak on Abortion Pill

Dateline 9/19/00

The National Abortion Federation's (NAF) press release on a member survey about chemical abortions not only brings us the latest news; it brings us the latest Newspeak.

A quick explanation for those of you who haven't read 1984.

The first piece of Newspeak comes in the title of the press release: "2/3 of NAF Members Plan to Offer Early Option Pill." They tried "medical abortion" as a way to soften the reality of what abortion drugs do, but evidently their public relations department didn't think that gave any warm fuzzies, since it used that no-no A-word. So now it's "Early Option Pill." Isn't that special? It's not an abortion; it's just an early option!

Now let's look at the little nugget that introduces the press release:

I could nit-pick here, but I won't. I'll just latch on to the huge, glaring example of Newspeak: "this Safe Option."

Despite the abortion lobby's infatuation with chemical abortions, there have been some prochoice folks who have broken rank and expressed alarm, including feminist researchers Reneta Klein, Janice G. Raymond, and Lynette J. Dumble, authors of RU-486: Misconceptions, Myths and Morals. These are not three antiabortion researchers easily dismissed by abortion advocates as "just making a thinly veiled attempt to block access." Their abortion advocacy credentials are impeccable. But Klein, Raymond, and Dumble take umbrage at the abortion establisment's willingness to use women as ginuea pigs in experiments in population control And Klein, Raymond, and Dumble, as well as the abortion-supporting feminsts at FINNRAGE, are standing firm: chemical abortions are not safe.

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Some of the problems feminist researchers have noted include:

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Despite the validity of these and other reservations, NAF proceeds with unabated enthusiasm. The press release went on to babble about the wondrous new era chemical abortions will launch:

When one considers the problems experience with chemical abortions in Europe, where abortions are done under intense government supervision that would never be tolerated byb abortion advocates in the United States, the implications for American women are staggering.

Let's look at some of the things US abortion mills have already been caught doing, and imagine these people with access to chemicals to induce abortion:

Just a cursory glance at US abortion practice should give chills to anybody who really cares about the welfare of women who would be having abortions.

But let's get back to what NAF has to say. The release moves out of Newspeak for a moment and goes into some actual information: that there are over 360 NAF members, that NAF accounts of over half of the abortions sold in the United States, and that "close to 240" of them plan to sell chemical abortions.

Saporta went on to indicate that NAF has trained the staff of assorted NAF facilities in how to perform chemical abortions. Here, I must at least give credit where credit is due: NAF does offer excellent training to its members. Any clinician who attends a NAF Risk Management Seminar (what NAF calls their clinical training gatherings) has no excuse if he or she goes home and hurts or kills somebody. With few exceptions, NAF clinical leadership are folks who know their stuff and try very hard to beat some sense into the rest of the membership. Although now that Michael Burnhill is dead, I'm not sure if the center will hold.

Steir and NAF in Perspective
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Saporta gushed about NAF's hotline:

Ignorance and Mushrooms Grow Best in the Dark
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    "Our national toll-free hotline, the only one of its kind in the country, is staffed by trained operators who will be able to discuss women's options with them and refer women to qualified providers offering this new method."

Although she couched it in Newspeak, Saporta said in effect that NAF will be bending over backward to launch chemical abortions and to be "the best source of information about the early option pill for women and clinicians." Although NAF might be the best source of information for clinicians, I do not recommend NAF as a source of information for the general public. There's a big difference between what they tell each other and what they tell the press, the public, and the women who call their hotline.

As a final kicker, the release tells us "The National Abortion Federation is the professional association of abortion providers dedicated to ensuring that abortion remains safe, legal and accessible."

National Abortion Federation
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Legal, yes. Accessible, yes. Safe? Ask the women who've been injured and killed at NAF facilities, such as:

Is NAF working with chemical abortions to benefit women, or their members? Tell us in the Forum.

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