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Prolifers to Court: You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

Dateline 7/3/00

Nobody expected prolifers to be pleased with the Supreme Court's ruling last week, smashing down Nebraska's law against stopping in the middle of an induced breach delivery to suck the baby's brains out. Now their displeasure is being voiced, and it's only going to get louder.

Some of what's already arising:

More is bound to be on the horizon, judging by the amount of outrage registered so far:

God knows I've expressed enough disgust myself:
Why the Carhart Ruling is a Travesty
EDITORIAL: Carhart Finds Five Fairy Godmothers
EDITORIAL: Five Justices Buy Carhart's Bill of Goods

Carhart may turn out to be a turning point, like the Fugitive Slave Act. When you rub people's nose in your evil habits, it tends to get their attention in a way going about your nasty business quietly never does.

NOTICE TO WAVERING PROCHOICE FOLKS: If you're a little queasy about D&X, and think people ought to know exactly what this "procedure" is all about, you can help. Martin Haskell made a video tape of a PBA being performed, and distributed it through the National Abortion Federation. Turn your copy over to a prolife organization or legislator. The soul you save may be your own.

For more, read yesterday's news/editorial: Five Justices Buy Carhart's Bill of Goods

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