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Carhart Finds Five Fairy Godmothers

Another Editorial Rant by your Pro Life Guide

Dateline 6/29/00

For those of you who haven't heard the news yet, yesterday the Supreme Court, in a 5-4 vote, backed LeRoy Carhart's bid to strike down Nebraska's Partial Birth Abortion law.

Carhart's story wouldn't have fooled Bullwinkle, but he managed to find five people smart enough to graduate from law school who were willing to run with it.

Granted, you need some background to see the holes in Carhart's claims. And the Court's job is to weigh the evidence, then make a judgment. And in Carhart v Steinberg, they failed miserably.

Carhart (along with fellow abortionist Robert Dale Crist, whose three dead abortion patients certainly ought to make him an expert of sorts) claimed that live fetuses come out all the time in routine second-trimester abortions. Why, it's all they can do to suck the brains out real quick before the head emerges.

Robert Crist
Who is this guy anyway?

I reviewed exactly what makes Carhart's story so lame in Abortionist Crist Muddies the Waters. Crist, in a nutshell, echoes Carhart's story.

Partial Birth Abortion
What the Court stepped in to protect

PBA Lies
The load of fertilizer Carhart & company have been shoveling out

Folks, it takes three days to dilate a woman's cervix long enough to get those big fetuses out in one piece. And it has long been a tenet of abortion practice that you dilate the cervix as little as possible lest you do irreversible damage. Carhart and Crist want us to believe that suddenly dilating the cervix enough to get the fetus out whole has become the routine practice.

Perhaps it is routine in practices that have a technician on site slicing open the whole fetuses for parts to sell. But not in any facility that cares if the patient will ever be able to carry a pregnancy to term again.

Carhart isn't exactly the most credible witness ever to stand before the court. His own clinic manager reported him for falling asleep while working on a patient, and for stopping in the middle of an abortion to go outside and throw rocks at the procedure room window. And if the prochoice movement hadn't shredded their own credibility with the lies about thousands of women dying from illegal abortions, the lies they got caught in over Parital Birth Abortion should have nailed the lid on their coffin.

Background on Carhart
Would you buy a used car from this man?

In Carhart v Steinberg, we had a discredited abortionist, backed by a discredited movement, getting his wish granted for no readily understandable reason. But then, the Supreme Court has always played Fairy Godmother to the abortion establishment ever since Roe. They throw the prolifers a bone occasionally (such as upholding Pennsylvania's modest abortion law in Planned Parenthood v Casey), but they take care never to undermine the abortion industry.

Carhart v Steinberg comes as no surprise. But that doesn't make it any less of a disgrace.

For more, read yesterday's news/editorial: Five Justices Buy Carhart's Bill of Goods

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