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Brazilian Rape Victim's Baby Baptized

Dateline 6/20/00

Fabiana Silva was 15 years old and 5 months pregnant when she requested an abortion because she was pregnant due to rape by her stepfather. While her doctor was inundated with calls and faxes offering to adopt the baby, Fabiana changed her mind about the abortion.

The child, a little boy named Vitor, lives with Fabiana and her mother, who plan to raise him. He was baptized on June 19 amidst great celebration.

Fabiana's initial desire for an abortion, then changing her mind and deciding to keep the baby, is not unusual for women and girls pregnant through rape. Only 20% of rape pregnancies are aborted, as compared with 33% of all pregnancies, planned and unplanned.

Women who have faced a rape pregnancy, regardless of the pregnancy outcome, can find support from Fortress International or Life After Assault League:

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