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Perpetrator Jailed After Arranging Abortion

Dateline 6/15/00

A Nebraska man who posed as his victim's father to arrange an abortion has been sentenced to prison for felony child abuse.

David A. Gills, age 36, had "a relationship" with the 16-year-old daughter of a neighbor. When the girl informed him that she was pregnant, and that she did not want to tell her parents, Gills posed as her father and signed consent forms for her to get an abortion at Womens Services clinic in Omaha.

The article implies, rather than states, that Gills was the father of the baby. The victim was referred to as the perpetrator's "girlfriend." The girl's stepmother called Gills "a perpetator" who had "tak[en] advantage of a child." Gills pleaded no contest to felony child abuse. The judge, in handing down a jail sentence, noted that Gills continued to maintain contact with the girl even after his arrest. The judge also commented, "You've got this little girl so messed up now, I don't know if she will ever get straightened out."

Gills' attorney had asked for probation, noting that Gills showed remorse, and was honest about his relationship with the victim. She said that Gills had only been trying to help the girl by arranging a secret abortion.


The victim's stepmother expressed shock that her neighbor had victimized the girl, and wished his sentence had been longer.

A further sad commentary on the whole sordid situation is one reader's online response to the article. Signed, "get a life," this reader said:

When we've gotten to the point where people think a child abuser "deserves a medal" for arranging an abortion for his victim, there's not much further downhill to go.

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