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Abortionist Crist Muddies the Waters

Dateline 5/25/00

Abortionist Robert Dale Crist (yes, the guy with the three dead abortion patients) claims that fetuses often slip out intact and quite alive during routine second-trimester abortions.

To anybody who has ever listened to abortionists discuss techniques among themselves, Crist's claims are absurd.

Listening to National Abortion Federation Risk Management Seminar tapes was one of my tasks when I worked at Life Dynamics. It's an exercise I heartily recommend to anybody with the constitution to stomach it. You hear the most amazing things, like the NAF presenter telling participants how to deal with the press when a patient dies: "You have to look compassionate, you have to sound compassionate, and that's hard, I know."

Discussions of routine second-trimester abortions include the following:

Warren Hern and Mildred Hanson ("Warnie" and "Millie" to their friends) arguing about the proper way to deal with the fetal head.

Discussions about how to minimize injury to the cervix.

Discussions about what to do when the parents wanted to see the aborted fetus.

What does this say about Crist's claims?

If Crist is getting whole, live fetuses during second trimester abortions, he's over-dilating the cervix. This is not something that can happen by accident. In other words, if Crist is getting whole live fetuses in his second-trimester abortions, he is deviating from the standard of care.

Only Crist himself could tell you why he'd do that. But I think most of us can hazard a guess.

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