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Instant Abortions for French Schoolgirls

Dateline: 2/9/00

Hormone-crazed teenage boys and exploitative men throughout France have been given cause to rejoice. Their conquest of schoolgirls as young as 12 will now be facilitated by school nurses, who will give "morning after" early abortion pills to students on request.

The assumption seems to be that the girl is only harmed by premature sexual activity if she ends up having a baby as a result. Concerns about emotional hurt, sexually transmitted diseases, long-term risks of repeated early abortions, increased cancer risks (cervical cancer risk rises with multiple sex partners and early introduction to sexual intercourse)... all of this falls by the wayside.

I doubt that there is malice involved on the part of the adults who have, perhaps unwittingly, declared open season on adolescent girls. But there can't be much deep thought about the ramifications.

Watch for Pill-pushers to try similar inititives elsewhere.

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