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Abortionist George Tiller
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"Cathy" Meets George Tiller
A patient accuses Tiller of mistreating her and botching her abortion.

"Dolores" Meets George Tiller
A patient accuses Tiller of having a severe lack of respect for choice.

George Tiller's Labor Relations Problem
A former employee of abortionist George Tiller alleges fraud and unfair labor practices.

George Tiller's Labor Relations Problems
An ex-employee makes some shocking allegations about abortionist George Tiller.

Miracles of Modern Technology on the Abortion Scene
Tiller's clinic counselors can perform amazing feats with a simple touch-tone telephone.

Abortion and the New Disability Cleansing
From National Review.

Uproar over late terminations
Tiller visits Australia to promote abortion.

Kansas Abortionist Offers 'Remembrance' Ceremonies for Aborted Babies
A representative of Operation Rescue West released pictures of a bizarre "baptismal ceremony" featuring a dead, partial-birth-aborted baby and her parents.

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