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Abortionist Bruce Steir
It's fitting that Steir rhymes with "fear"
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Abortion Patient and Fish: Equal Before the Law
If you judge by the sentences imposed on those who killed them, "Big Mama" the halibut and Sharon Hamptlon the abortion patient are equal before the law.

"Steir Pleads Guilty to Lesser Charge in Abortion Case"
Bruce Stier (rhymes with fear) plea-bargains out of the murder charge in the death of Sharon Hamptlon.

Steir and NAF in Perspective
Why I don't believe Steir's story.

Steir to Serve Six Months in Abortion Death Steir's plea-bargain gets him a six-month sentence in the abortion death of Sharon Hamplton.

"America's Most Wanted In Canada?"
Bruce Steir hanging out with his friends at the National Abortion Federation gathering.

History of Bruce Steir
The ultimate anti-Steir site, with history, links, and related information.us healing powers and claims that pro life advocates are blocking legitimate research.

Seven-Second Consult
A deposition reveals exactly how much "consultation" there is "between a woman and her doctor" before an abortion..

"Woman's Death Becomes Focus of Abortion Debate" Abortion defenders rush to stand by their man.

Death from abortion makes for explosive case
More coverage on the hell that broke loose after Sharon Hamplton's death.

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