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Abortionist Steve Lichtenberg
The cream of the crop at work
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Steve Lichtenberg plies his trade at the Chicago outpost of Edward "Fast Eddie" Allred's Family Planning Associates Medical Group. He has been scolded by Michael Burnhill, then Medical Director of Planned Parenthood Federation of America and a high-ranking official in the National Abortion Federation, for "playing Russian roulette" with patient's lives, due to his boasting about performing risky abortions in an outpatient setting.

Despite this scolding, and the death of 13-year-old Deanna Bell under his care, Lichtenberg remains a popular presenter at National Abortion Federation Risk Management Seminars.

In addition to Deanna's death, I have the following cases in my files:

A suit filed by a "Jane Doe" alleged that a Dr. Evan Saunders attempted to abort her pregnancy at a Planned Parenthood in Chicago on August 27, 1993. Jane went to FPA on September 1, where Lichtenberg performed a second abortion procedure on her. She faulted Lichtenberg for failing to diagnose that her persistent and increasing pain were not normal. Instead, he discharged Jane from the FPA facility. She suffered pain, infection, and scarring. (Cook County Circuit Court Case No. 94L 016509)

Yvonne G. sued, saying that she submitted to an abortion by Lichtenberg at the Chicago FPA facility on August 5, 1989. She said he failed to determine what procedure was proper, and failed to perform an adequate post-operative exam and pathology testing. She required emergency treatment at a hospital on August 25, for retained portions of the fetus and placenta, infection, and bleeding. (Cook County Circuit Court Case No. 91L13681)

Shytaura G., age 14, alleged that she underwent an abortion at Albany by Lichtenberg on February 23, 1989. Her attorney faulted Lichtenberg for using "incompetent and unskilled personnel", and failure to take an adequate medical history and determine an accurate gestational age. She suffered a lacerated uterus and cervix. Then Lichtenberg failed to to monitor her condition and stop her extreme bleeding. Shytaura wound up needing a hysterectomy. (Cook County Circuit Court Case No. 94L06529)

The Death of Deanna Bell
Staff sent a note to the referring hospital: "Uneventful D&E. Thank you."

Ignorance and Mushrooms Grow Best in the Dark - Pro Life Views
Do National Abortion Federation hotline counselors have a clue what goes on at NAF clinics? The one I spoke to had no clue about Lichtenberg.

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