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Why Women Have Abortions
Prominent liberals says foreigners aren't people


Europe: Life Issues Information
Information about abortion, euthanasia, and other life issues from a European perspective.

International Efforts: Organizations
International Pro Life Efforts and Organizations

Abortion Laws of the World
Click on a country to get abortion law information. You might need Babelfish to translate for you.

Culture of Death
A review of the legal precidents that led to a culture of death in Britain.

The Human Laboratory
A BBC documentary on Norplant research in developing countries.

I Am Woman; You Must Deceive Me
Rightgrrl takes a long, hard look at the deceptive and underhanded attempts to bamboozle pro-family women at the March for Women 2000.

Propaganda and Psychological Warfare Studies
Population control propaganda and the UN.

Religious Warfare
Population Control and the Right of Conscience.

Room For All at the Banquet of Life?
British Catholic perspective.

"Social, Cultural, and Behavioral Research...
... in Family Planning Communications." A look at the risks of cultural imperialism.

UNICEF: Friend or Foe?
Evidence that UNICEF has become a Trojan Horse for the International Planned Parenthood Federation. A scary thought for an organization whose major fund drive is at Halloween.

Babelfish Online Translation Service
Simply left-click on the site you want to translate and select "Copy link location." Go to Babelfish and paste the URL into the space provided. Select the type of translation to be performed and go!

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