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Beyond Informed Consent
David Reardon proposes legislation that would put the woman in control of informed consent for abortion.

Eliminating Deceptive Abortion Practices
EDAP for short - The Elliot Institute's efforts to extend consumer protection to cover women considering abortion.

"Failure to Communicate"
An excellent article from First Things addressing the shortcomings of the old pro life approach, and encouraging new approaches.

Funds Offered For Local Post-Abortion Projects
The Elliot Institute offers matching grants for distribution of post-abortion healing information.

Heidi Group
Founded by former abortion profiteer Carol Everett and named after her aborted daughter, The Heidi Group offers help to women facing difficulties with pregnancy. They offer innovative ads to reach the abortion-minded woman.

Learning From Minnesota
How the Land of 10,000 Lakes supports the right to life.

Life Dynamics, Inc.
Cutting-edge prolife efforts, including help for current and former clinic workers, and litigation support for attorneys helping abortion-injured women.

Life Media
Professional and innovative educational and outreach advertising.

Window to the Womb
Sound Wave Images uses ultrasound technology to help women bond with their babies.

Women At Risk
A coalition of women and families addressing deceptive and coercive abortion practices.

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