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Not for the squeamish or easily offended, links to graphic abortion photos and information.

100 Abortion Pictures
From Life Dynamics.

Abortion Gallery
A collection of thumbnails from a variety of sources, showing fetuses of a variety of ages abortiond in various ways.

Abortion Pictures
First-trimester fetuses, with coins in many pictures for size reference.

Abortion Pictures With Information
Fetuses of different ages, juxtaposed with quotes by abortion practitioners about what they do.

Abortion Photos - First Trimester
Thumbnails in order by age of the fetus. Click on the thumbnail for a closer look and, in most cases, medical authentication by a pathologist.

Abortion Photos - Second and Third Trimester
Some intact, some dismembered. Click on the thumbnail for a closer look and, in some cases, medical authentication by a pathologist.

Abortion Slide Show
The first fetus died from a saline abortion. The mottled appearance of the skin is caused by hemorrhaging due to the salt getting into the fetal blood stream and eating away the capilary walls.

Abortion Techniques
The various methods for performing abortions.

America's Holocaust
Assorted pictures with different abortion methods at different ages.

Child in the Womb
Tasteful photos of whole, undamaged fetuses, intended to illustrate prenatal development.

Depiction of Dilation and Evacuation Abortion Performed at 14 Weeks Gestation
Medical illustration for physicians, with photo of collection jar.

Dilation and Evacuation of a 23 Week Old Fetus
Medical illustration for physicians.

Disseminated Intravascular Coaglation
Medical illustration of this possible abortion compliation.

Dumpster Babies
These photos were taken by Monica Migliorino Miller and Edmund Miller. In her book "Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory," Monica explains some of the history of how these bodies were retrieved and buried. The page includes links to the story of how the fetal remains were obtained.

Ectopic Pregnancy with Rupture of the Fallopian Tube
Medical illustration. Although this is not directly caused by an abortion, it is more common in women who have undergone attempted abortion of the pregnancy. It is also more common in subsequent pregnancies after induced abortion.

Fetal Anomalies
Links to medical pathology photos of fetuses and newborns with different abnormalities.

Fetal Remains Tell a Story
Reading descriptions from objective sources about what an abortion does to a fetus leaves one with little doubt that an abortion does not merely remove tissue.

Fetus, 28 Weeks
Photo for sale from Custom Medical Stock Photo.

Hydatidiform Moles
This is what is in the woman's uterus in those rare instances where the product of conception really is just tissue.

Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy
Medical illustration showing brain damage from lack of oxygen. This is a possible complication from abortion.

Images: Archive 1
From Priests for Life, with medical authentication.

Images: Archive 2
A Priests for Life collection, from multiple sources.

Images: Archive 3
A Priests for Life collection, from multiple sources.

Inflammation and Adhesions of the Pelvis with Obstruction of the Fallopian Tubes
Medical illustration for physicians, showing one possible complication of abortion.

Killing Fields
Automatic slide show. Some pictures not posted elsewhere online to my knowledge.

Menstrual Extraction
Photo, with description of the abortion method used.

Methods of Abortion
Descriptions of abortion techniques, with photos. Includes a photo of aborted triplets.

Not Convinced?
Assorted pictures of fetuses of different ages.

Photographic Evidence
Entry page for access to abortion pictures and videos.

Post-operative Obstruction of the Ureter with Subsequent Kidney Damage
Medical illustration of this possible abortion complicaton.

Prolife America
Many links to pictures and online videos, including The Silent Scream and Hard Truth.

Photo, with description of the abortion method used.

Reality of Abortion
Thumbnails of graphic photos.

Ruptured Ectopic Pregnancy
Pathology photo of tube with embryo. An ectopic pregnancy is more likely to rupture in a woman who has undergone an abortion for that pregnancy because the symptoms will be attributed to the abortion, not to the ectopic pregnancy.

Photo, with description of the abortion method used.

Saline Photos
A gallery of photos of second-trimester fetuses killed with saline instillation. The bodies are all intact.

Photo, with description of the abortion method used.

Suction and Curettage Abortion of a 9 Week Old Fetus
Medical illustration for physician reference, with photo of results.

Surgical Removal of Damaged Sigmoid Colon with Creation of Colostomy
Medical illustration showing method of treating a damaged colon. This is a possible abortion complication.

Taking Out the Trash
The fetuses in this picture were aborted at 18 to 24 weeks into the pregnancy. This is the result of one morning's work at a Canadian teaching hospital.

Ugly Truth
Pictures presented in a slide-show format.

Uterine Rupture
Medical illustration of this possible complication of later abortions in which chemicals are used to kill the fetus and cause its expulsion.;

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