Fraud, Crime, and Tax Evasion
Not always safe, not always legal
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What abortionists don't want you to know about what really goes on inside abortion clinics - especially if you're prochoice.
Help for clinic workers who want to report fraud, crime, abuse, tax evasion, unsafe practices, etc.

The Abortion Kickbacks
An old story, but it shows how long the corruption has been there.

George Tiller's Labor Relations Problem
A former employee of abortionist George Tiller alleges fraud and unfair labor practices.

Incompetence and Callous Disregard
An overview of the Abortion Crime Report.

John Baxter Hamilton
Abortionist convicted in the brutal Valentines Day slaying of his wife.

Bum Steir
California abortionist Bruce Steir charged with murder after sending hemorrhaging patient home to die.

Abortion Violence Map
A visual overview of acts of violence by abortion supporters.

Comparison Between Violent and Illegal Activities Committed by Pro-Abortionists and Pro-Lifers
Which is the bigger problem?

Summary of violent and non-violent crimes by abortion workers.

News Archive
An up-to-date set of links to articles about crimes by abortion workers.

Groups Caught Harboring Pedophiles
Press release summarizing Life Dynamics' findings.

Digging for Dirt on Abortionists
A guide to finding out what's going on inside your local abortion facility.

Peeking into an Abortionist's Fridge
Public record documents reveal crime and various nastiness.

The Voodoo Abortionists
Abortionist Judith Comeau-Samuel confesses, blames voodoo husband.

Pravin Thakkar, Anti-Choice Abortionist
Impregnantes patients, performs forced abortions.

Alice in Dadeland
Meet the felonious Easons, who ran one of Miami's most notorious abortion mills.

The Death of Creepy Kenny
The murdered abortion worker prochoicers ignore

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