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Say "Yes" to better relationships, "No" to STD's and unwanted pregnancy.

Frequently Asked Questions about Celibacy
The questions people always ask when they learn that an adult is celibate.

About.com Human Sexuality Guide Andor Sandos brings you the best abstinence links.

Asexual Coalition
"We have nothing against the opposite sex, we just think that dating them is a lot of work and costs too much to warrant any usefulness."

Celibacy - Four Questions
Different celibates give their answers to four basic questions about their lifestyle choice.

Celibate FAQ's
Great (and funny) secular celibacy site.

Christian Celibacy Homepage
Personal perpectives on the celibate lifestyle.

Christian Dating Advice
Great links from Christian Teens Guide Brandon Hill.

Comebacks for Come-ons
Good for teens and others.

Fidonet FAQ on Anti-Sexuality
This is a Russian site, in English, addressing the decision to live a sexless life.

First-Person Accounts of Celibacy
Forget Miss Grundy -- celibate folks aren't just a bunch of dried-up old prudes.

Hands-Off Introduction to Celibacy
The who's, when's, and why's of celibacy.

Healthy Love
Perspectives on sexuality, embracing the positive rather than "just say no."

Kundalini: The Joy of Celibacy
A site exploring celibacy from a mysticism perspective.

Miss Black California - Lakita Garth
In 1995, Lakita Garth was named Miss Black California and 2nd-runner up in the Miss Black America pageant. Read her speech on saying yes to self control.

Sensational Dating Ideas
Ideas for fun, getting to know each other, and avoiding temptation, from Aim for Success.

Steps to Premarital Sexual Abstinance
Support and advice for living a chaste life until the joy of marriage.

"Subversive Virginity"
A refreshing point of view, brought to you courtesy of Dr. Laura's fax files.

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