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The Ex-abortionists: Why They Quit
From Illinois Right to Life.

Norma McCorvey
The "Jane Roe" of Roe v. Wade becomes an advocate for life.

Dr. Paul Jarrett
A simple mistake led this doctor to turn away from abortion early in his career. His story goes back into pre-legalization days.

Dina Madson
Dina explains how she came out of the abortion industry, step by painful step.

Dr. Anthony Levatino
Only when his own child died did Dr. Levatino start reflecting on the meaning of those abortions he performed.

Kathy Sparks
Kathy Sparks describes the macabre world of abortion and how she came to leave it.

Judith Fetrow
Once a Planned Parenthood worker, Judith was won to life and Christ by a relentlessly friendly prolife man outside her clinic.

Lent and Magic
Priests for Life essay on an encouraging new trend among former abortionists -- seeking to make amends to the women whose children they've aborted.

"Meet The Abortion Providers"
Pro-Life Action League brings you the inside story from former abortion industry workers. Read their stories or buy the video.

Testimony of Carol Everett
Carol's involvment included complicity in a patient's death and the cover-up afterward.

Testimony of David Brewer
A fomer abortionist tells his story.

Testimony of Deborah Henry
Deborah's experiences included an abortion clinic and a private office that sold aboritons.

Luhra Tivis
How working for Tiller turned one woman into a staunch prolifer.

Testimony of McArthur Hill
Dr. Hill shares his abortion experiences, as well as the nightmares brought on by abortion practice.

Former abortion providers find peace, solace in therapy
"If you dehumanize others, you dehumanize yourself," he says. "If you stop your ears to the silent pleading of a little life, then you become insensitive to the prompting of your own heart and mind."

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