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Better options than killing the ailing.

Americans for Better Care of the Dying
Innovative social, professional, and policy reform.

CHA, AMA Work On End-Of-Life Care, Reform
Executive committee members from CHA and the American Medical Association (AMA) are forging a new relationship on end-of-life care and health care reform.

Euthanasia Organizations
Links to organizations fighting euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide, collected by your Pro Life Guide.

Growth House
An Internet clearinghouse for improving end of life care.

Human Tissue Ethics/Abuses
Is the focus on transplants leading us to dehumanize the ailing and dying?

Dying Well
A hospice physician's resources for those facing life-limiting illness.

Institute of Human Values in Health Care
Although supportive of physician-assisted suicide as an option, this program strives to improve all aspects of end-of-life care.

Last Acts
Information and forums on improving end-of-life care.

"Living With Dignity"
Celebrate Life shares the story of one man's struggle with Multiple Sclerosis and against killing the disabled.

Progress in Palliative Care
Online palliative care journal.

Quality of Life
Activists often use the poor quality of life of vulnerable people as a justification for abortion and euthanasia. Pro life efforts attack causes of suffering, not suffering people.

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