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Aborted Alive: The Dreaded Complication
When the fetus fails to die as expected
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Believe It Or Not!
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• 19th Century Abortion Cases and Other Self-Injury
• Abortion, Law, and Real Choice
• Abortion, Suffering, and the Chinese Widow
• The Abortion War and Communication
• Another Anti-Choice Fanatic
• Are Abortions Used as Birth Control?
• The Bad Old Days of Abortion
• Botched Abortion Leads to Amputation
• Coathanger Abortion: Powerful image, but how true to life?
• Comparative Safety - Abortion & Stuff Folks Get Riled About
• Diane Sawyer and the Non-Story of Lawson Akpulonu
• Did I Deserve the Death Penaltyh
• Do Rape Victims Really Need Abortions?
• Fetal Diagnoses Leading to Unnecessary Abortions
• Freaks Teaches Pro-Life Lesson
• Is Childbirth Safety Relevant to Abortion?
• Is This the Face of the Enemy?
• Is 'Who Decides?' Really the Question?
• The "Koop Report" on Abortion
• LDI and the CDC
• Misplaced Priorities Cost Women's Lives
• A Mother's Nightmare
• Pro Child/Pro Choice Rings Hollow
• Question Abortion
• Stress and the Abortion Decision
• Study - Effect of Abortion Legalization on Sexual Behavior: Evidence from Sexually Transmitted Diseases
• Unequal Burden on the Poor?
• Unintended Late Abortions
• Unplanned Pregnancies that Worked Out
• What Real Informed Consent Would Look Like
• What's "Adequate Access" to Abortion?
• What's the Need for Abortion?
• When the POC Really is Just Tissue
• Where's the Pro Choice Movement on Elective Amputations?
• Who is the Enemy?
• Who's Putting the Unborn Ahead of the Born?
• Women Who Change Their Minds After the Abortion
• Women's Rights are Common Ground
• Your Bedroom, the Government, and Abortion Laws


To an abortionist, the "dreaded complication" isn't a dead mother -- it's a live baby.

"Abortion or Infanticide"
Dr. Joseph Melnick faced controversy after abortion on 13-year-old results in live birth.

Abortion Survivor's Story
Amy tells of having survived three saline abortion attempts.

Ana Rosa vs. the National Abortion Federation
National Abortion Federation member Abu Hayat attempted an illegal third-trimeseter abortion in his New York office, resulting in the birth of a maimed baby girl.

Baby Ashley
Nicolette, a teenager, had to witness the death struggles of her premature daughter after doctors at Women's Pavilion refused to remove laminaria.

"Baby Hope Continued"
Mona Charon brings us a closer view of the events surrounding the abortion death of Baby Hope.

"I was a survivor of an abortion. I can remain silent no more."
Audrey tells her story.

Is Someone Who Survives an Abortion a Person?
A collection of stories of those who failed to die.

Rowan's story
Mother tells how clinic workers left her born-alive infant to die.

Sharon's Story
A miracle baby survived an IUD and an abortion attempt.

Tiny Tim
A nurse describes watching a live-born infant die after an abortion.

Sobrevivientes al aborto
A Spanish-language site featuring abortion survivors. Includes pictures of many survivors, including Joshua Vandervelden.

Failed Misoprostol Abortion Leads To Birth Defects
Dr. Claudette Gonzalez in Brazil examined 42 infants whose mothers took misoprostol in an attempt to terminate their pregnancies. The most common physical effects of misoprostol in the infants were arthrogryposis (contractures of joints), shortness or absence of fingers or toes, tapered digits, syndactyly (fusion of digits), cranial-nerve defects, and hydrocephalus (abnormal amounts of cerebrospinal fluid in the ventricles of the brain).

Illicit abortion drug causes birth defects
Abortion proponents blame the problem on abortion not being easy enough to get, rather than on the whole idea that abortion is a good option for women.

Pro Child/Pro Choice Rings Hollow
How can you tell an abortion-injured child that "choice" is good for children?

Women Who Change Their Minds After the Abortion
Abortion advocates say women only have abortions they "need." But if the birth of this baby is truly going to ruin the woman's life, wouldn't she still "need" the abortion when she learned it had failed to kill the fetus?

Fetuses With Attitude
Some things are just too scary to contemplate. For Congresswoman Patricia Schroeder (D-CO), like other abortion-advocating members of the House Judiciary Committee, there's nothing scarier than having a fetus speak about abortion.

The Ultimate Complication
Ximena Renaerts is quadriplegic, has cerebral palsy, and has the mental age of a three-year-old. Ximena was born following a failed abortion.

Baby Hope
An infant who lived for three hours after being aborted touched the heart of a nurse.

Christelle Morrison
Cristelle was aborted alive, then left in the snow to die.

Heidi Huffman
Heidi survived an abortion attempt in 1978.

Sarah Smith
Sarah survived the abortion that killed her twin brother.

Second Ohio Baby in Six Months Survives Apparent Beginning Phase of Three-Day Partial-Birth Abortion Procedure
"Baby Grace" survives abortion attempt.

Sarah Brown
Sarah was left profoundly disabled by an abortion attempt at George Tiller's infamous Wichita abortion facility.

Abortion Survivor Sarah Smith
Article with photos and text of Sarah's speech given in Rome.

Bryan H.
Dr. Alan Beer at Planned Parenthood ruptured the amniotic sac, then referred Patient L. to University of Michigan Medical Center, where five days later she gave birth to a 2 lb. 3 1/2 oz premature infant boy of approximately 25-29 weeks gestation.

Pro Vita
Another site with photos of a gathering of abortion survivors. I can't even identify the language, but the pictures are powerful.

The Abortion Survivors
Survivors share their stories on the Priests for Life web site.

Care call for abortion survivors
From BBC News.

Live births after abortion in the UK
Research in the UK indicates that more babies are born live during abortions done between 18 and 42 weeks than officials previously believed.

Survivors of Abortion
From Abortion Facts.

When a crying baby is not 'alive'
At question is whether a six-pound, 19-inch baby girl was "completely separated" at delivery when her mother, Elizabeth Ehlert, killed her.

Pro-Choice Pro-Child? Ask Ximena Reanerts
A three pound baby born in a Vancouver hospital was left, shivering and gasping for breath, in a bedpan in a storage room for dead fetuses. She suffered horribly but escaped with her life.

Phoenix Doe, Abortion Survivor
This little girl was born injured at 37 weeks during an attempted abortion by John Biskind at Moshe Hachamovitch's A to Z abortion mill in Arizona.

Pro-Choice Pro-Child? Baby Rowan
A mother talked into an unwanted abortion by a so-called Christian counselor tells of the horror of delivering her baby alive in an abortion clinic toilet.

Pro-Choice Pro-Child? Joshua Vandervelden
Dr. Benjamin Victoria attempted to perform an abortion on Linda Moie on January 12, 1979, at Fox Valley Reproductive Health Care Center in Wisconsin.

Pro-Choice Pro-Child? Baby Claire
Like Ana Rosa Rodriguez in New York, Baby Claire is missing her right arm at the shoulder due to an attempt to abort her.

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