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Women Killed by Abortion
Paying the ultimate proce for "choice"
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Believe It Or Not!
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• Your Bedroom, the Government, and Abortion Laws


Cemetery of Choice
Legal, illegal, amateur, professional, and self-induced: She's equally dead.

Anesthesia Deaths
Sloppiness with anesthesia is one of the most common causes of legal abortion death. Learn about some of the victims.

Anesthesia or Analgesia Related Deaths of Women From Legal Abortion: The Need for Increased Regulation
"According to the Centers for Disease Control, since 1983 anesthesia-related complications have become the most frequent cause of death of U.S. women from legal abortion."

Black Victims of Abortion
Black women are twice as likely to be sold abortions as their white sisters -- and twice as likely to die from abortion complications.

California Saline Deaths 1970-72
California legalized abortion-on-demand before Roe, so they started seeing legal abortion deaths much sooner than the rest of the country.

Embolism Deaths
Sometimes air, amniotic fluid, or fetal tissue gets into the mother's bloodstream, killing her.

Hemorrhage Deaths
In theory, no woman should bleed to death from a botched legal abortion. In theory.

Illegal Abortions by Amateurs
Amateurs -- people with no medical training -- were the rarest of criminal abortionists, but they were responsible for quite a few deaths.

Illegal Abortions by Doctors
Roughly 90% of criminal abortions were done by physicians, so it should come as no surprise that most illegal abortion fatalities were traced back to them.

Illegal Abortions by Paramedical Staff
Paramedical staff -- dentists, nurses, midwives, and so forth -- were the largest group of non-physician criminal abortionists.

Instillation Abortion Deaths After Roe
Some of the deaths from saline, prostaglandin, and other instillation abortions in the United States after Roe v Wade.

Life Dynamics Abortion Deaths, Alphabetical Order
The women of the Life Dynamics Tombstone Project poster, in alphabetical order, with links where available.

Life Dynamics Abortion Deaths, by State
The deaths from the Life Dynamics Tombstone Project poster, sorted by state of death, with links where available.

Life Dynamics Abortion Deaths, by Year
The deaths from the Life Dynamics Tombstone Project poster, sorted by year of death, with links where available.

Missouri Abortion Deaths
Women who died of botched abortions in the state of Missouri.

National Abortion Federation Deaths
National Abortion Federation members perform roughly half of all abortions in the United States. Supposedly they adhere to the highest standards of care. Read these cases and judge for yourself.

New York Saline Deaths, 1970 - 1972
New York was the first state to legalize outpatient abortion-on-demand. With no regulation or oversight, abortionists were free to play Russian roulette with patients' lives.

Pre-Roe Abortion Deaths
As more states loosened their abortion laws, legal abortion deaths began replacing illegal abortion deaths.

Pre-Roe Legal Abortion Deaths
Different states allowed legal abortions for different reasons before Roe. And where there are legal abortions, there will be legal abortion deaths.

Post-Roe Illegal Abortion Deaths
Illegal abortions persisted after Roe v. Wade, as did the deaths they cause.

Self-Induced Abortion deaths
Before and after legalization, women attempted home abortions for a variety of reasons.

Teens Killed by Abortion
Too often, abortion costs young girls their lives.

Undiagnosed Ectopics
In theory, the woman seeking abortion should be less likely to die from ectopic pregnancy than the woman intending to carry to term. Sadly, the reverse is true in practice.

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