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Steven Chase Brigham

Had sex-abuse doc Vikram Kaji working at one of his clinics. (M55) Teamed up with Eric Harrah. (M66) New York board documents regarding Patient A, New Jersey medical board allegations regarding patient J.K. New Jersey medical board allegations regarding Lidia Roe New Jersey medical board allegations regarding patient F.E.: New York and New Jersey board allegations regarding Patient B New York Board alleged: Patients C and D, Patients E, F, G, H, I, J, and K, New Jersey state board complaint alleged performing second trimester abortions in his office, which was illegal; "Brigham's testimony strains credulity. Voluntarily surrendered license in Pennsylvania after allegations of: Was quoted in news article, "women deserve the best medical care." Several news sources indicate Brigham had replaced slain abortion practitioner John Britton at The Ladies Center in Pensacola, Florida; late 1994 he claimed he had stopped working there in the wake of the New York and New Jersey board actions; Florida license suspended February 5, 1995 (Brigham was notified at the Pensacola airport where he was about to catch a plane); last known to be living in Connecticut. (8; 745 - Philadelphia Inquirer 12-15-94, Atlantic City Press 12-15-94, Trenton Times 12-15-94; C791, 1676 - The Province 9-10-90; C1677, 1699 - Star-Ledger 12-16-94; 2161 - Rockland Journal-News 8-3-94; 2276 - Pensacola News Journal 9-28-94; 2364 - Reuters America 9-28-94; 2383 - NY Post 1-7-94; 2457, 2473, 3082 - NY Times 9-30-94; 3127 - NY Times 11-23-94; 3166 - Philadelphia Inquirer 12-15-94, Courier-Post 12-22-94, Atlantic City Press 12-15-94, Rockland Journal-News 12-10-94; 3247, 3317 - New York Times 9-30-94, Florida Times Union 9-29-94; 3373-Pensacola News Journal 12-22-94, 2-95; 3959 - New York Times National 2-6-95) See also The Ladies Center. Investigated for scheming to commit Medicaid fraud after nine-month investigation into whether Brigham was part of scheme to double-bill Medicaid patients and charge them additional out-of-pocket charges. New York physician Name: Steven Brigham, MD *Address: 1 Alpha Avenue Voorhees, New Jersey 08043 *License Number: 172457 *License Type: MD *Year of Birth: *Effective Date: 11/30/94 *Action: License revocation *Misconduct Description: The Administrative Review Board sustained the Hearing Committee's determination finding the physician guilty of gross negligence and negligence on more than one occasion. The physician's New York State medical license was previously summarily suspended on January 3, 1994 Ron Fitzsimmons said that abortionists are a “tight-knit community, but Brigham has excluded himself.” “I don’t know any providers we represent that would go near Steve with a 10-foot pole.” (M45) Fitzsimmons faulted Brigham for running an ad in PA phone book for “Allentown Medical Services,” which didn’t exist yet, in order to get patients to refer to his New Jersey facility. (M45) PP helped run him out of PA on the grounds that he advertised all-female staff, low fees, and sonograms, but had no sonograms, jacked up abortion fees, had male on staff, and had no backup hospital. Brigham claims it was prolifers pestering that drove him out of state. (M68) A building management company in Virginia denied Brigham a lease; Brigham has no license in Virginia. (M45) Brigham had been on medical board restrictions since 2/94 to do only first-trimester abortions; he got caught 11/93 doing second trimesters. (M51) Left Florida after Vicki Conroy brought his NJ & NY shortcomings to the state medical board’s attention. (M52) Brigham’s license got suspended 2/3/95 for failure to notify the board about the pending hearings in NY & NJ. Brigham said he didn’t think he had to divulge hearings, just disciplinary outcomes. (M53) In depositions regarding prolifer’s case against Brigham, they discovered that one of Brigham’s “nurse’s assistants” was a 16-year-old former carnie who had dropped out of high school, and two other “medical assistants,” including the ex-carnie’s mom, were dropouts who’d been trained on the job by Brigham. (M54) Pennsylvania license serach confirms that his license is inactive. (M140)

Sources: Middlesex County Superior Court Case No. H-054832-85

Abortion Deaths

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