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Believe It Or Not!
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 Food for Thought
• 19th Century Abortion Cases and Other Self-Injury
• Abortion, Law, and Real Choice
• Abortion, Suffering, and the Chinese Widow
• The Abortion War and Communication
• Another Anti-Choice Fanatic
• Are Abortions Used as Birth Control?
• The Bad Old Days of Abortion
• Botched Abortion Leads to Amputation
• Coathanger Abortion: Powerful image, but how true to life?
• Comparative Safety - Abortion & Stuff Folks Get Riled About
• Diane Sawyer and the Non-Story of Lawson Akpulonu
• Did I Deserve the Death Penaltyh
• Do Rape Victims Really Need Abortions?
• Fetal Diagnoses Leading to Unnecessary Abortions
• Freaks Teaches Pro-Life Lesson
• Is Childbirth Safety Relevant to Abortion?
• Is This the Face of the Enemy?
• Is 'Who Decides?' Really the Question?
• The "Koop Report" on Abortion
• LDI and the CDC
• Misplaced Priorities Cost Women's Lives
• A Mother's Nightmare
• Pro Child/Pro Choice Rings Hollow
• Question Abortion
• Stress and the Abortion Decision
• Study - Effect of Abortion Legalization on Sexual Behavior: Evidence from Sexually Transmitted Diseases
• Unequal Burden on the Poor?
• Unintended Late Abortions
• Unplanned Pregnancies that Worked Out
• What Real Informed Consent Would Look Like
• What's "Adequate Access" to Abortion?
• What's the Need for Abortion?
• When the POC Really is Just Tissue
• Where's the Pro Choice Movement on Elective Amputations?
• Who is the Enemy?
• Who's Putting the Unborn Ahead of the Born?
• Women Who Change Their Minds After the Abortion
• Women's Rights are Common Ground
• Your Bedroom, the Government, and Abortion Laws


A radical bows out
"I now consider abortion to be a major blessing, and to be a sacrament in the hands of women."

Abortion as a Sacrifice to Artemis
Summary of readings and discussion.

Abortion Is Pro Life
The thought -- if you can call it that -- expressed herein would be funny if it wasn't for the fact that people actually believe it. The Cult of Ayn Rand is also, it seems, the Cult of the Sacramental Abortion. Would that Atlas had shrugged them off the globe!

Abortion Jewelry?
No real fetuses used, but strange nonetheless.

Amputee Wannabe Info
An interesting parallel to the "my body/my choice" argument for abortion is the phenomenon of "wannabes," or people who want to have their limbs amputated. Look at the "choice" debate away from the context of abortion.

Art Use of Fetus Head Defended
In case you saw the pictures of the Chinese guy supposedly eating a roasted fetus. Read more about it here.

Atheists for Jesus
Yes, you read that right, and no, he's not being flippant or sarcastic. He's not sure about God, thinks the Apostle Paul peed in the soup (so to speak) but really digs Jesus.

"Australia Deports 3 Pregnant Women"
Victims of China's population control program.

Avant-garde Chinese artist defends fetus-bird artwork
The same guy who did the fake fetus-roast also did a fetus-bird.

"Australian PP Director Lists Reasons for PBA"
National Right to Life takes a hard look at abortionist David Grundmann's idea of compassion. Grundmann is very active in the National Abortion Federation.

Church of Euthanasia
The One Commandment: "Thou shalt not procreate" The Four Pillars: suicide · abortion · cannibalism · sodomy

Dont' go for tea at HER house!
Thanks to Kevin at Pro Life Views for pointing out a staggeringly casual site. In describing how to do a home abortion with huge doses of vitamin C.

Dont' go for tea at HER house!
Thanks to Kevin at Pro Life Views for pointing out a staggeringly casual site. In describing how to do a home abortion with huge doses of vitamin C.

Embryo Angel Art Gallery
Clay embryo art with colorful butterfly wings.

Fetus Cage I
Oil and catalytic converter on canvas.

Fetus Soap - Assorted Styles
I'm assuming that this is just embryo-shaped soaps. The rest of the site is just as tasteless and offensive.

Isn't that special?
NOW has an amazing Mother's Day gift idea: the abortion bracelet.

It CAN Happen Here
A shocking case of discrimination, in which doctors encouraged parents to decline treatment for their disabled children based on family income and not the child's realistic prognosis.

Late Abortions Past 20 Weeks LMP
Some people refuse to believe that abortions -- especially purely elective abortions -- are legal after 12 weeks. Thes advertisers at Abortion Clinics Online indicate otherwise.

They Said WHAT?!
Turn-about's fair play. Carolyn Gargaro brings us flamboyant prochoice quotes galore. (Warning - foul language)

Unborn Child
Some abortion enthusiast actually wrote a poem in which a fetus celebrates its impending abortion.

Unwanted Abortions
The problem the pro choice movement ignores.

Voluntary Human Extinction Movement
These people are for real. But, strangely, they're also more moral than most abortion advocates, despite their strangeness.

When Abortion is a Sacrament
People don't believe me when I tell them about stuff like this.

When the Circus Comes to Buffalo
A bemused look at how all hell broke loose when Operation Save America, counter-protesters, and the press descended on the city..

Who Decides Who's Human: A Slice of History
Is it up to the government to decide who is a human being, entitled to protection of the law? The Haun's Mill Massacre, legally killing 17 Mormons, gives us a chance to examine that question.

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