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Pro Life Activism Links
Resources for life activists
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Suicide Prevention

Abortion 101
Abortion History
Abortion Violence
Aborted Alive
Dirty Laundry
Graphic Stuff
Dirty Proabortion Tricks

Maternal Health
Post-Abortion Help
Pregnancy Help
Prenatal Diagnoses
Rape and Incest
Teens and Abortion

Activism Links
Community of Faith
Reference Material

Personal Accounts
Related Issues
Unwanted Abortions

Believe It Or Not!

National, state, local, secular, and religious -- how to hook up with like-minded folks and take effective action.

National Pro-Life Groups
National-level pro-life groups within the United States.

State Pro-Life Efforts/Information
The starting point for finding out what's going on in your state and how to get involved.

Local Life Advocates
See some examples of local prolife sites and efforts around the country and around the world.

Feminism and Abortion
The early feminists were anti-abortion. There are still feminists that carry on the prolife tradition of the feminist foremothers.

Innovative Efforts
Ground-breaking projects in defense of the vulnerable.

Professional Organizations
Teachers, nurses, police, pharmicists, physicians -- join others in your profession in their efforts to protect the vulnerable.

Political Action
Political organizations, voter guides, PACs.

Unorthodox Efforts
The broad spectrum of the pro life movement. Athiests and witches, feminists and libertarians, vegans and pacifists: they're all here.

Youth Efforts
From advocacy for the vulnerable to preventing teen pregnancy, what young people are doing to fight the culture of death.

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NOTE: The original Pro Life Views was two years in the making. The transition to an independent site will be clumsy and long. Please bear with me. There are a lot of links that simply won't work, and it will take me a while to weed them out. Just press your "back" button and hold your emails until I have a chance to get the bugs worked out.